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In recent news, Apple is reportedly working on a more affordable version of its Vision Pro headset, set to be released around 2025. The current price of $3,499 makes the Vision Pro less accessible to the mass market.

To address concerns about the price, Apple initially considered delaying the announcement. However, they decided to provide a generous nine-month notice to allow users time to adjust to the pricing.

The upcoming headset, tentatively named Vision or Vision One, aims to cater to a broader consumer base by offering a more affordable option. This may involve using lower-tier screens, less powerful chips, reduced camera capabilities, or requiring the use of AirPods for spatial audio.

While cost reduction is a priority, Apple intends to retain important features that make Vision Pro unique. These may include the external EyeSight screen and the innovative hand-tracking system, ensuring a satisfying user experience.

Apple plans to release the more affordable Vision headset in 2025. Additionally, they are working on a second-generation Vision Pro model, expected to bring further improvements and advancements.

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