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Emblems in Mobile Legends play a crucial role in providing additional advantages to the heroes you use. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide on setting up emblems in Mobile Legends. Here are 2 Guide That You Need to Know About The New Emblem System in Mobile Legends.

Exploring the New Revamped Emblem System in Mobile Legends

In a previous update, the emblem system underwent a revamp, bringing forth various exciting changes. However, with the latest update, Moonton has transformed the emblem system into custom emblems.

Now, players have the freedom to customize their emblems according to their preferences. Some examples include Basic Common Emblem, Custom Tank Emblem, Custom Assassin Emblem, Custom Mage Emblem, Custom Fighter Emblem, Custom Support Emblem, and Custom Marksman Emblem.

1. Matching Emblems with the Right Heroes

Each hero role has different emblem requirements. For instance, a Marksman hero would need the Custom Marksman Emblem with attributes that align with the hero’s playstyle. For example, if you are using a Marksman hero that heavily relies on Attack Speed, selecting attributes like Swift, Weapon Master, and Weakness Finder would be suitable choices.

Each attribute in an emblem has its own benefits, providing additional advantages to your hero. Players need to know when to use the appropriate attributes and emblems for each hero. If you’re having trouble selecting attributes, you can refer to the emblem and attribute settings of professional players.

2. No Perfect Build with These New Emblems

There are no set rules for emblem usage in Mobile Legends. Every player has a different playstyle.With this update, players are encouraged to fearlessly experiment with the perfect build. With the latest emblem update, players may discover the most suitable combinations for their heroes and playstyles.

That concludes our comprehensive guide on setting up emblems in Mobile Legends. Emblems hold significant importance as they provide additional abilities to all heroes. By choosing the right emblem and suitable attributes, you can enhance your hero’s performance and contribute more effectively to Mobile Legends matches.

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