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Have you ventured into Yaesha, one of the mysterious randomized areas in Remnant 2? If so, you may have come across the enigmatic Cathedral of Omens, a location teeming with hidden treasures and puzzles awaiting brave explorers. Unlike other areas filled with enemies, this cathedral poses a unique challenge that requires intellect and attention to detail. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to unlock Remnant 2 Cathedral Of Omens Puzzle secrets and claim the coveted rewards hidden within.

How to Solve the Puzzle in the Cathedral of Omens – Remnant 2

As you step into the grand main hall of the Cathedral of Omens, your eyes will be drawn to a massive mechanism at its center. Here, you’ll encounter three levers that play a pivotal role in solving the puzzle. The first lever controls a set of circles and a connecting triangle, the second lever governs the symbols on the mechanism, and the third lever manipulates two adjacent circles.

To decipher the puzzle, you’ll need to find vital clues scattered throughout the cathedral. Outside the area, a piece of paper titled “The Beginning” holds valuable information, marked by a triangular symbol that matches the one above a particular door. The paper mentions the Sun, Moon, and Life, with specific words written in full capital letters or italics.

Inside the cathedral, you’ll discover a book hidden behind a small door to the right of the entrance. This book contains additional headings with triangular symbols beneath them, similar to the first clue. The symbols found in this book correspond to the top row of the mechanism, allowing you to make connections.

Remant 2 – Unlocking the Doors and Claiming the Treasures

With the clues in hand, it’s time to tackle the puzzles one door at a time. The front door presents the first challenge, with a triangle facing the left side. By adjusting the first lever until the triangle faces left, you’ll match it with “The Calamity” symbol from the book. Next, align the symbols on the mechanism accordingly, and the front door will open, granting access to your prize.

The right door poses a more intricate puzzle, but with the help of the Blood Moon triggered in Yaesha, the solution becomes clearer. Rotate the triangle on the mechanism to correspond with the top left side of the door, which aligns with the top right side from the entrance lever. Follow the instructions from the book to arrange the symbols correctly, and not only will this door reveal its hidden loot, but you’ll also discover a hatch that opens exclusively during the Blood Moon.

Finally, your attention turns to a secret final puzzle, concealed above the door through which you initially entered the cathedral. Adjust the entrance lever to position the triangle towards the bottom left side, corresponding to “The Hope” symbol from the book. Arrange the symbols accordingly, and a small hole will open in the middle of the mechanism, granting you a new Long Gun for your future adventures.

The Cathedral of Omens holds its share of challenges, but with perseverance and astute observation, you’ll emerge victorious, claiming the well-deserved rewards hidden within its sacred walls. May your journey in Remnant 2 be filled with excitement and triumph as you unravel its many enigmas and secrets

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