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Mobile Legends Roamer Guide, What is Encourage, Dire Hit, Conceal and Favor – In the latest meta of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, roamers have the opportunity to choose from four powerful roaming items. Each of these items offers unique advantages, making it crucial for players to have a thorough understanding of their functions to maximize their impact in the game. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of each roaming item in MLBB, starting from Encourage and ending with Favor.

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Encourage is an exceptional item that bestows blessings in the form of an additional 12-30 physical attack and magical power. On top of that, it also grants a substantial 15% increase in attack speed, making it highly beneficial for maximizing the team’s damage output. Heroes like Gloo, Faramis, Carmilla, Hylos, Edith, Gatotkaca, and many others can greatly benefit from this item.

Dire Hit

The blessing of “Dire Hit” is a deadly roaming item that deals extra hybrid damage (half magical, half physical) equal to 7-18% of the maximum HP of enemies with less than 35% HP. This item is particularly well-suited for roamer-assassins who can dish out significant damage without relying on offensive items. Heroes like Natalia, Kadita, Saber, Hilda, Masha, Grock, Khufra, Johnson, Nana, Selena, and Gatotkaca can make the most of this potent item.


Conceal is an active skill in MLBB that grants users and their teammates a camouflage mode for 5 seconds, making them nearly invisible on the battlefield. Additionally, activating Conceal also provides a 24-60% increase in movement speed. This item is ideal for roamers or supports who wish to initiate powerful engagements. However, players need to be aware of its limitations, as they won’t be able to use basic attacks or skills while invisible. Heroes like Atlas, Tigreal, and Khufra frequently utilize the Conceal item to great effect.


Favor is the perfect blessing for support healers in a team battle. When using healing or shielding skills, this item will restore an additional 300-750 HP to allies with the lowest HP. The effect of Favor also comes in handy for healing your hero, especially if they have low health points. Choose this blessing when playing heroes like Angela, Estes, Rafaela, Mathilda, Floryn, Diggie, or Minotaur, whose skills revolve around healing and supporting teammates.

By comprehending the functions of these four roaming items, roamers can significantly enhance their ability to support the team strategically and effectively in the battles of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As players master the art of utilizing Encourage, Dire Hit, Conceal, and Favor, they will undoubtedly contribute to their team’s success. So, don your roamer role, embrace these powerful items, and may victory be yours in every battle. Happy gaming!

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