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The sizzling excitement of Cookie Run Kingdom Summer Soda Rock Fiesta has just settled, and the Devsisters are already treating players to the next captivating chapter with their latest mobile RPG update. Enter “The Mermaid’s Tale,” an enchanting episode that plunges players into the depths of the sea, unveiling the backstory of the enigmatic Black Pearl Cookie. This update not only unravels her transformation from the pristine White Pearl Cookie to the shadowy Black Pearl Cookie but also introduces a fresh Cookie and the sparkling Crystal Jams feature, among other delights.

The Mermaid Tale Update for Cookie Run Kingdom!

In a long-awaited revelation, “The Mermaid’s Tale” answers the curious yearnings of Cookie Run: Kingdom fans by finally recounting the mystifying evolution of the once-pure White Pearl Cookie into the mysterious Black Pearl Cookie. The narrative unfolds in the Mermaid Kingdom, a realm crafted by the potent Dreamy Crystal Drops, a gem teeming with concealed tales and secrets waiting to be uncovered.

As you embark on this aquatic journey, your steadfast companion will be the all-new Peppermint Cookie, an epic-grade support character. Boasting the “Freshness of the Sea” skill, Peppermint Cookie summons a formidable Peppermint Whale. This magnificent creature not only administers healing and buffs to your squad but also erects additional HP shields for comrades while dishing out water-type damage to adversaries.

Delving deeper, players can harness the newfound power of the Crystal Jam system, which liberates energy once ensnared by darkness, elevating Cookies to unprecedented levels of might. This will make these 2 cookies which are Sea Fairy and Black Pearl with exclusive jam increasing their ability further.

And speaking of Black Pearl Cookie, a brand-new legendary skin named “Faded Radiance” has emerged. As the name implies, this skin offers a glimpse of her former self as the White Pearl Cookie. The game’s user interface also undergoes a refreshing makeover, with a host of enhancements, particularly noticeable in the Arena section. Those interested in the game might want to download the game right now in Android and iOS!

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