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Roblox ASTD Tier List – If you’re not already acquainted with it, the very name of the game provides a strong hint about its genre. However, if you’re still in the dark, allow us to shed some light.

All-Star Tower Defense stands as a unique Roblox tower defense game that comes with a delightful twist. Unlike conventional tower defense games, this one puts in your hands a diverse selection of renowned anime characters, adding an exciting dimension.

These characters play a pivotal role in your journey, be it conquering the storyline or reaching the pinnacle of the leaderboard in the game’s infinite mode. Look no further than our All-Star Tower Defense Tier List, designed to effortlessly guide you through the story mode and secure a high rank in the infinite mode leaderboard.

Roblox ASTD Tier List

META Support (Best in-game):

  1. Jeff (CEO)
  2. Octo The Greedy
  3. Mochi (Awakening)
  4. Idol
  5. Ex-Captain (B-Kui)
  6. Boo (Kid)
  7. Devil
  8. Ms. Love TS
  9. Ruffy (5th Form)
  10. Wrathdioas (King)
  11. Jokato Koju (ASCENDED)
  12. Pain Packager
  13. Humble-Swordman (Awoken)
  14. Eyezen (Final)
  15. Tyrant (Furious) with orb
  16. Demonlord Waifu
  17. Falcon (Eclipse)
  18. Falcon (Ascendance)

META DPS (Best in-game):

  1. Organs (Berserker)
  2. Alien Boss (Final)
  3. Ruffy (5th Form)
  4. Ultra Koku & Super 2 Vegu (Final)
  5. Star King
  6. Ombre
  7. Humble-Swordman (Awoken)
  8. Ruffy (Mystical)
  9. Boo (Kid)
  10. Red Eye Warrior Path
  11. Sui (Full Samurai)
  12. Venom with orb
  13. Dark
  14. Falcon (Ascendance)
  15. Demon Of Emotion
  16. Stampede (???%)
  17. Sword (Alternative)
  18. link=Tony Stark [Beyond]
  19. Kogan Adult (BEAST)
  20. Nezichi (Awakened)
  21. Worl (Vigilante)
  22. Borul (SUPA III)
  23. Infernal Enigma
  24. Kosuke (SS)
  25. Koro F III
  26. Ikki Potent (Awaken)

META Nukes:

  1. Ruffy (5th Form)
  2. Ultra Koku & Super 2 Vegu (Final)
  3. Ombre
  4. Stampede (???%)
  5. The Pharaoh

Great DPS:

  1. Pain Packager
  2. Blazing Prince (Djinn)
  3. Vegu Blue Evolved
  4. Loving Pillar
  5. Katanas
  6. Strength
  7. Savon Master
  8. Kura with orb
  9. Jon Jo (Serious)
  10. Hudron The Mystic
  11. Magma Marine6
  12. Chains
  13. Ruwabara (Trial)
  14. Speed o sonic
  15. Dragon Maid
  16. The Strongest Curse
  17. Messi (The Egoist)
  18. Flaming Tiger (JUSTICE)
  19. Anti Magician (Demon Arm)
  20. God Black Fusion (Alternative)
  21. Super 71
  22. Pegasus Warrior
  23. Boo (Evil)
  24. Vegu IV (Alternative)
  25. Kriffin Supa
  26. Borul IV (Alternative)
  27. Madoka (Goddess)
  28. Beast Spawner
  29. Exorcist (DemonLord)
  30. Vegu (Mind II)

Great Support:

  1. Skeleton (Artist)
  2. Mysterious X (VOID)
  3. Dr. Heart with orb
  4. Julian (King of Wizards)
  5. Blackstache with orb
  7. God Black Fusion
  8. Princess Appala
  9. The Patriot
  10. Red Servant (Final)
  11. Ikki Dark with orb
  12. Star Boy (Requiem)
  13. Flower Magus

In the dynamic world of All-Star Tower Defense, mastering the art of tower defense takes more than just strategy—it’s about assembling a team of exceptional characters, each bringing their unique strengths to the battlefield.

Whether you’re delving into the endless challenges of Infinite Mode, progressing through the various modes, or seeking the perfect combination to dominate the META, this tier list serves as your compass.

With countless heroes to choose from, each with their own role to play, may this guide empower you to rise to the top ranks and forge your legacy in the exhilarating universe of All-Star Tower Defense. Good luck, and may your towers stand strong and your strategies prove victorious!

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