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HoloCure Collabs Guide – Collabs, short for collaborations, are like supercharged weapons in the virtual world of HoloCure. They’re made by combining two max-level basic weapons using something called a Golden Anvil. Here’s what you need to know to master collabs.

HoloCure Collabs Guide – What Is It and How to Get it?

HoloCure Collabs Guide

Collab weapons are extra special. They start off strong at the highest level. To make them even better, you use a thing called an Anvil. Once a weapon becomes a collab, it won’t show up as you level up other weapons.

There are three types of collabs: ones for up-close fighting, ones for shooting from a distance, and ones for shooting multiple shots. But you can only have up to 4 collabs equipped at a time because you’ve got limited space.

HoloCure Golden Anvil for Collabs

HoloCure Collabs Guide

The Golden Anvil is the key to making collabs. You get it after upgrading two weapons that can make a collab, and they need to be at least level 7. It’s a bit rare, but it drops more if time passes. Once you’ve got one, you’re ready to start making a collab.

You pick two weapons that can become a collab in the Anvil menu. They need to be level 7 or higher. The special ones shine a bit. You can pause making a collab and come back later, but you can’t get a new Golden Anvil until you’re done with the first one.

Enchantments are like special boosts for weapons. Normally, a weapon only has one enchantment, and if you give it a new one, the old one goes away. But with collabs, things are different. When you make a collab, it gets all the enchantments from the weapons you used. It can hold up to two enchantments at once. If you change the enchantments later, they all change.

When your character has skills that make weapons better, those skills still work even when the weapon changes. So, if your character gets a bonus for a certain type of weapon, that bonus also works when that weapon becomes a collab.

6 Things That You Need to Know About Collabs:

1. Discover Super Collabs

Super Collabs are like the superstars of collabs. You get them when you mix a collab weapon with another thing. They’re super powerful and perfect for when you’re really good at the game.

2. Check Out Collab Choices

Collabs come in different usage: close combat, shooting far away, and shooting lots of shots. Pick the ones that match how you like to play.

3. Learn About Collab History

Find out where collabs came from and how they got to be so cool.

4. See Collabs in the Gallery

Look at cool pictures of collabs in the Collab Gallery. They’re as awesome to look at as they are to use.

5. Digging Deeper

If you want to learn even more, there are extra things related to collabs you can explore.

6. Tips to Keep in Mind

Remember, making collabs takes some planning and trying things out. Keep these tips in mind as you work on getting the best collabs in HoloCure.

Embark on your collab crafting odyssey armed with these 6 essential insights. Unleash the potential of collabs and dominate the HoloCure universe like never before.

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