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Anime Dimension Simulator Tier List – Welcome to the world of Anime Dimensions Simulator, a beloved Roblox game that’s constantly evolving with new updates and codes. However, like many video games, achieving perfect balance can be a challenge.

Even the most popular titles often grapple with the presence of unbalanced characters, and Anime Dimensions Simulator is no exception. Don’t fret, though—there’s a strategy to conquer this. We’ve developed a comprehensive Roblox Anime Dimension Simulator tier list to guide you in selecting the most optimal characters. So, let’s dive right in.

Anime Dimension Simulator Tier List

S+ Tier:

  • Yzen (Void)
  • Shadow Monarch
  • Roku Ultra Instinct
  • Ichini (Fullbring)
  • Esper
  • Your
  • Tobushiko
  • Tengu
  • Tengoku
  • Tanjiro (Sun God)
  • Ryuka
  • Rivai
  • Red Emperor
  • Priestess (Shrine)
  • Nilin (Valentine)
  • Nardo (Six Paths)
  • Nardo (Beast)
  • Infinity Nojo
  • Ichini (Final)
  • Ice Queen Esdeaf
  • Hirito
  • Fluffy (Gear 5)
  • Demon Girl (New Year)
  • Cursed Sage
  • Combat Titan
  • Chainsaw
  • Blood Fiend

S Tier:

  • Roku
  • Reku
  • Nardo
  • Ichini
  • Fluffy

A Tier:

  • Witch Meguretsu
  • Shadow Ramura
  • Primordial
  • Priestess
  • Nojo
  • Mochi Boy (Summer)
  • Mochi Boy
  • King of Heroes
  • Fluffy (Vampire King)
  • Demon Lord Ramura
  • Control
  • Broccoli
  • Bowman
  • Best Boy (Summer)
  • Alturia Alter
  • Alis

B Tier:

  • Yomiichi
  • Winter Spirit Lia
  • Vampire Mika
  • Toro
  • Tall Might
  • Ramura
  • Lance Guy
  • Koneki
  • Kodotoki
  • Eugebro
  • Cyborg
  • BiriBiri
  • Asana
  • Alturia
  • Akuma

C Tier:

  • Zetsu
  • Yakaza
  • Tonjuro
  • Susky
  • Shield Man
  • Rokia
  • Ray
  • Pasta
  • Meguretsu
  • Kirua
  • King of Curses
  • Itabori
  • Hatsu
  • Cherry
  • Bakubro

To begin, it’s essential to understand the mechanics behind this tier list. Imagine it as a table curated by seasoned players who assess various statistics and factors. The result? All the game’s characters are ranked on a single list—from the most formidable to the least potent.

Initially, you might question the utility of a tier list. However, these seemingly simple tables pack a punch in terms of usefulness. If you’re a newcomer, consulting a tier list can provide insights into whether a change of character is needed or if mastering your current choice is the key. Additionally, it divulges the heroes that could bolster your team composition and a treasure trove of other invaluable information.

Experienced players, fear not—the utility of a tier list extends to you as well. Within this ranking, you’ll glean insights into the current powerhouses and discern the heroes that can propel you ahead of the competition.

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