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Summoners War: Sky Arena players, brace yourselves for the epic Dimension Raid! Com2uS has revamped the Dimension Hole system, introducing this exciting new single-player mode that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. Engage in fierce battles against hordes of monsters and reap fantastic rewards, including coveted Ancient Grindstones and Ancient Enchanted Gems. But there’s more! Monthly missions will unlock additional goodies, offering you an ongoing challenge that’s impossible to resist.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Adds New Challenge with Devil Maiden

For those seeking even greater challenges, the update introduces the formidable Devil Maiden. This menacing 5-star enemy wields the Demon Bag and poses a significant threat to your squad. But that’s not all – familiar foes like Frankenstein and the Living Armour have also undergone transformations. Frankenstein is now more ferocious than ever, while the Living Armour lives up to its name with impenetrable shields and armor. Prepare for battles that demand your strategic prowess and skill!

The Rift of Worlds has received a substantial makeover based on valuable community feedback. With improved skill animations, battles now unfold at a faster pace, delivering a more thrilling gaming experience. Boss battles have become more intense as groggy times have been reduced, ensuring shorter but no less exciting matches. Moreover, bonus points have received a generous boost, increasing from 500,000 to an impressive 1,000,000.

Rift Raids have something special in store for you. While the chances may be slim, they now offer the possibility of dropping rare crafting items like the coveted Beast Horn and Beast Claw. If you’re hungry for guaranteed rewards, don’t forget to explore our list of Summoners War codes for free scrolls and mana – the perfect way to bolster your arsenal.

Last but not least, the Abyssal Floor will undergo a significant adjustment. It will now be hosted on a bimonthly basis, with each season extending for a full year instead of the previous six-month period. These changes promise to inject fresh excitement into your Abyssal Floor adventures.

Those interested in the game might want to download it right now on both Android, iOS or PC by using an emulator!

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