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Starfield Weapons Tier List – Best Weapon! Are you on the hunt for a Starfield weapons tier list? You’ve landed in the perfect spot! In this guide, I’ll be categorizing all the weapons, ranging from the mighty S tier to the dependable C tier, making it a breeze for you to decide which ones to wield and which ones to pass on.

We’ll also delve into the reasoning behind our choices and pledge to keep this guide up-to-date with any new weapons Bethesda introduces or any curveballs thrown by balance changes. To stay in the loop, I highly recommend bookmarking this page and giving it regular check-ins.

Starfield Weapons Tier List – Best Weapon

S Tier

  • Fragmentation Grenade – Ballistic Explosive
  • Fragmentation Mine – Ballistic Explosive
  • Magsniper – Ballistic Rifle
  • Magstorm – Ballistic Heavy Weapon
  • Microgun – Ballistic Heavy Weapon
  • Magshear – Ballistic Rifle
  • Shotty – Shotgun
  • Va’Ruun Inflictor – Particle Beam Rifle
  • Va-Ruun Painblade – Melee

A Tier

  • Coachman – Shotgun
  • Hard Target – Ballistic Rifle
  • Kodama – Ballistic Rifle
  • Novablast Disruptor
  • Old Earth Assault Rifle – Ballistic Rifle
  • Shrapnel Grenade
  • Tanto – Melee
  • Wakizashi – Melee

B Tier

  • AA-99 – Ballistic Rifle
  • Advanced Regulator – Pistol
  • Arc Welder – Energy Heavy Weapon
  • Auto-Rivet – Ballistic Heavy Weapon
  • Barrow Knife – Melee
  • Beowulf – Ballistic Rifle
  • Calibrated Eon – Pistol
  • Cryo Mine – Energy Explosive
  • Drum Beat – Ballistic Rifle
  • Inferno Mine – Energy Explosive
  • Magshot – Pistol
  • Old Earth Hunting Rifle – Ballistic Rifle
  • Osmium Dagger – Melee
  • Pacifier – Shotgun
  • Shrapnel Grenade – Ballistic Explosive
  • Tombstone – Ballistic Rifle
  • UC Naval Cutlass – Melee

C Tier

  • Breach – Shotgun
  • Bridger – Ballistic Heavy Weapon
  • Calibrated Grendel – Ballistic Rifle
  • Calibrated Kraken – Pistol
  • Calibrated Rattler – Pistol
  • Calibrated Solstice – Laser Pistol
  • Combat Axe – Melee
  • Cutter – Energy Heavy Weapon
  • Ecliptic Pistol – Pistol
  • Eon – Pistol
  • Equinox – Laser Rifle
  • Grendel – Ballistic Rifle
  • Lawgiver – Ballistic Rifle
  • Maelstrom – Ballistic Rifle
  • Novalight – Particle Beam Pistol
  • Old Earth Shotgun – Shotgun
  • Orion – Laser Rifle
  • Rattler – Pistol
  • Razorback – Pistol
  • Regulator – Pistol
  • Rescue Knife – Melee
  • Ripshank
  • Sidestar – Pistol
  • Solstice – Laser Pistol
  • Tanto – Melee
  • Tesla Pylon
  • Urban Eagle – Pistol
  • Wakizashi – Melee

1. Magsniper

  • Damage: 223 (Physical)
  • Ammo: 6.5MM
  • Magazine Size: 12
  • Fire Rate: 17
  • Range: 100
  • Accuracy: 86.1%
  • Mass: 9.55
  • Slots: 6
  • Value: 27,790
  • Description: Considered the top-tier weapon in Starfield, the Magsniper boasts the highest single-shot damage among all weapons, capable of eliminating most targets with a single shot. It demands a high level of mastery due to its low fire rate, making it ideal for sharpshooters who can make every shot count.

2. Va’Ruun Inflictor

  • Description: The second-best weapon in Starfield, the Va’Ruun Inflictor offers impressive single-shot damage, second only to the Magsniper. It features a faster fire rate, making it more forgiving for those occasional missed shots. If you want a weapon that packs a punch and allows quick follow-up shots, the Va’Ruun Inflictor is your choice.

3. Magstorm

  • Description: For fans of rapid-fire weapons, the Magstorm reigns supreme. While it has one of the lowest single-shot damage ratings in the game, its blazing firing rate more than compensates. It boasts the fastest rate in the game, although it’s worth noting that it’s a heavy weapon, reducing your mobility while wielding it.

4. Magshear

  • Description: If you prefer a swift-firing weapon with greater mobility than the Magstorm, the Magshear is the perfect choice. Among the ballistic rifles in the game, it offers excellent fire rate and damage. You may find yourself reloading more frequently compared to heavy weapons, but the increased mobility makes up for it.

5. Shotty

  • Description: If shotguns are your preference, the Shotty in Starfield stands out. It delivers a potent punch with solid single-shot damage and a decent fire rate for a shotgun. When facing a horde of enemies up close and personal, the Shotty will swiftly tip the scales in your favor.

6. Va’Ruun Painblade

  • Description: While melee weapons generally lag behind firearms in terms of damage, if you’re set on wielding one, the Va’Ruun Painblade is the way to go. It inflicts impressive damage with each swing and maintains a decent swing speed. When in close-quarters combat, this weapon will swiftly put an end to your adversaries.

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