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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for Toilet Tower Defense enthusiasts! In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the world of Toilet Tower Defense, a quirky and popular tower defense game with a toilet-themed twist. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your TTD journey, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to explore our Toilet Tower Defense Tier List, where we’ve meticulously ranked the game’s units based on their performance, categorizing them into tiers from the almighty “S Tier” to the “D Tier” units. Additionally, we’ll provide you with an updated Toilet Tower Defense Value List, detailing the price of each unit in the game. So, if you’re looking to strategize and dominate the toilet battlefield, keep reading!

Toiler Tower Defense Tier List – September 2023

S Tier:

  1. Upgraded Titan Cameraman
  2. Titan Cinemaman
  3. Upgraded Titan Speakerman
  4. Engineer Cameraman
  5. TV Spider
  6. Jetpack Cameraman
  7. Ninja Cameraman
  8. Laser Cameraman Car
  9. Scientist Cameraman

A Tier:

  1. Camera Helicopter
  2. TV Woman
  3. Dark Speakerman
  4. Titan Cameraman
  5. Camera Repair Drone
  6. Titan Speakerman
  7. Mech Cameraman
  8. Secret Agent

B Tier:

  1. Camera Spider
  2. Speaker Spider
  3. Titan TV Man
  4. Large Scientist Cameraman
  5. Large TV Man
  6. Large Speakerman

C Tier:

  1. Large Cameraman
  2. Surveillance Camerawoman
  3. TV Man
  4. Cameraman
  5. Car Speakerman

D Tier:

  1. Speaker Helicopter
  2. Speakerman (Unobtainable)
  3. Camerawoman

9 Best Toiler Tower Defense Characters:

1. Upgraded Titan Cameraman:

  • Reason: Upgraded Titan Cameraman (UTC) is placed in the S Tier because it boasts an outstanding 20,000 DPS, making it the highest damage-dealing unit in the game. It excels at both area-of-effect (AoE) attacks and precision targeting with single-target lasers, all while having exceptional range, making it an unmatched powerhouse on the battlefield.

2. Titan Cinemaman:

  • Reason: Titan Cinemaman is classified as S Tier due to its remarkable strength, dealing 3,000 AoE DPS and having excellent range. Its impressive damage output and versatility make it a top-tier choice for players.

3. Upgraded Titan Speakerman:

  • Reason: Upgraded Titan Speakerman (UTS) earns its S Tier ranking because it’s a cost-effective mythical unit that can deliver substantial area damage and focus down individual targets. While slightly less powerful than Upgraded Titan Cameraman (UTC), its affordability and performance make it an excellent choice.

4. Engineer Cameraman:

  • Reason: Engineer Cameraman is placed in the S Tier because of its strength in spawning minions that evolve into powerful tanks, dealing significant DPS. Additionally, its laser attack contributes to its overall effectiveness, making it a strong choice for players, although it’s important to note that it costs Robux to obtain.

5. TV Spider:

  • Reason: TV Spider is an S Tier unit due to its high DPS, great range, and relatively affordable cost. However, its rarity and high in-game cost make it challenging to obtain, but its standalone performance is considered top-notch.

6. Jetpack Cameraman:

  • Reason: Jetpack Cameraman earns its S Tier status by delivering up to 10,000 DPS, making it a formidable choice. Similar to Engineer Cameraman, the only downside is its requirement of Robux to obtain.

7. Ninja Cameraman:

  • Reason: Ninja Cameraman is a starting unit but still achieves S Tier status because it significantly outperforms its predecessor, Dark Speakerman. It can carry players up to round 15 on many maps, making it a valuable early-game choice.

8. Laser Cameraman Car:

  • Reason: Laser Cameraman Car is placed in the S Tier because it deals up to 6,000 DPS and is cost-effective to place and upgrade. Its exceptional performance even allows it to solo Toilet HQ.

9. Scientist Cameraman:

  • Reason: Scientist Cameraman is recognized in the S Tier for its ability to generate a significant amount of money, aiding in unit upgrades. While its damage output is not the highest, its economic benefit is crucial for optimizing gameplay strategies.

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