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Starfield Guide, Bethesda’s highly anticipated space exploration RPG, has taken the gaming world by storm. However, like any complex game release, it hasn’t been without its share of bugs and issues, particularly concerning the “Into the Unknown” quest. This pivotal storyline quest has encountered a series of frustrating bugs that prevent players from progressing further in the game. In this guide, we’ve gathered insights from various sources to provide you with effective fixes and workarounds to conquer the ‘Into the Unknown’ bugs in Starfield.

Starfield Guide – The Troublesome ‘Into the Unknown’ Quest

The “Into the Unknown” quest in Starfield thrusts players into the exploration of a mysterious planet, tasked with investigating an enigmatic signal. Unfortunately, several bugs have marred this quest, leaving players stranded and unable to complete it. Given its significance to the game’s overall narrative, these bugs can be particularly vexing.

Bug #1: The Missing Quest in Log

Solution 1: Console Command (PC Only)

If you’ve found the “Into the Unknown” quest missing from your log, you can employ a console command to bypass it. However, be aware that this workaround may disable achievements and could have unforeseen consequences for future storylines.

  1. Open the console using “~”.
  2. Input the “setstage 000160A9 600” to skip the quest

Please note that console commands are exclusive to PC players, leaving Xbox players without this option.

Solution 2: Temporary Solution for Xbox and PC

For Xbox enthusiasts seeking a short-term fix, consider downloading the Xbox Game App onto a PC, installing Starfield, applying the console command mentioned earlier, saving your progress, and subsequently returning to your Xbox console to resume playing. Alternatively, exercise patience while awaiting Bethesda’s forthcoming patch to tackle this problem.

Bug #2: The Scan Distortions Challenge

If you find the “Into the Unknown” quest in your log but are facing a bug that prevents you from scanning distortions with your scanner, here’s what you can do:

  • Select the Correct Landing Zone: If you encounter two landing zones in close proximity, choose the one marked as the correct anomaly to advance the quest.

Temporary Workarounds (No Permanent Fixes)

Right now, there are no permanent fix, and Bethesda hasn’t updated it yet.

  • Skip Time: Attempt skipping 24 to 48 in-game hours, as this can occasionally resolve issues related to reaching the signal location.
  • Use a Console Command: As previously mentioned, the console command “setstage 000160A9 600” allows you to bypass the quest but may disable achievements.
  • Reload from Your Recent Save: Reloading your most recent save a few times has assisted some players in overcoming this bug.
  • Restart the Game: Surprisingly, restarting Starfield has proven effective for some players.
  • Fast Travel: If you’re investigating Procyon III and can’t locate the signal source, try fast traveling to another planet and then back to Procyon III.
  • Wait for Patches: Bethesda is likely aware of the “Into the Unknown” quest issues and should release patches to address them, so ensure your game is up-to-date.


While the ‘Into the Unknown’ quest bugs in Starfield can be a roadblock for players, there are several workarounds available to help you continue your interstellar adventures. As Bethesda continues to improve the game with patches and updates, players can anticipate a smoother and more bug-free experience in the future. May your journey among the stars be as glitch-free as possible!

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