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Cor Lapis Genshin Impact – In the sprawling world of Genshin Impact, players are constantly on the lookout for valuable materials to ascend their characters and craft powerful items. One such coveted resource is Cor Lapis, a mineral crucial for ascending characters like Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli.

Cor Lapis, however, is not your typical ascension material. It’s a region-specific specialty item that can only be found in the Liyue region of Teyvat. To help you on your quest to locate Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact, this guide will provide you with all the essential information.

How to Easily Find Cor Lapis in Liyue?

Two characters in Genshin Impact possess talents that can assist you in locating Cor Lapis on the map: Qiqi and Yanfei. When you use their abilities, Liyue-specific materials, including Cor Lapis, will be revealed on your minimap. While these talents can guide you to Cor Lapis, they also reveal other Liyue specialties simultaneously, so consider them as general guides rather than specific Cor Lapis trackers.

On the flip side, Ningguang’s passive talent, “Trove of Marvelous Treasures,” does not aid in finding Cor Lapis. However, her proficiency as a Geo user can still prove beneficial for mining Cor Lapis efficiently.

Cor Lapis Farming Routes:

For those looking to optimize their Cor Lapis farming, consider the following routes:

  • Mt. Hulao: Ascend to the peak of Mt. Hulao, where you’ll discover multiple Cor Lapis nodes clustered closely together. To reach this spot swiftly, utilize the designated Teleport Waypoint marked on your map, and you’ll encounter an abundant supply of Cor Lapis waiting for collection.
  • Cuijue Slope: Along Cuijue Slope, a continuous line of Cor Lapis deposits can be found, making it a valuable destination during your farming expedition.
  • Luhua Pools: Venture to the western side of Luhua Pool, where a plethora of Cor Lapis nodes can be found, creating an efficient location for gathering this resource.
  • Lingju Pass: Descend gracefully from the eastern peak of Lingju Pass, uncovering Cor Lapis at approximately ten different spawn points in the nearby area.
  • Guyun Stone Forest: In the vicinity of the domain within Guyun Stone Forest, you can collect a couple of sets of Cor Lapis with ease.

Additionally, upon completing Zhongli’s Story Quest, you’ll gain access to an underground section in Sal Terrae, where you’ll find ample Cor Lapis nodes scattered around.

Buy Cor Lapis:

While farming Cor Lapis remains the primary method for obtaining this resource, there’s an alternative option: buying it from a vendor in Liyue using Mora. Changshun, the merchant who sells Cor Lapis, conveniently resides in Liyue Harbor, near the Mingxing Jewelry store. She typically stocks five Cor Lapis units each week, each priced at 1,500 Mora, totaling 7,500 Mora per week.

With this guide in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your Cor Lapis hunting expedition in Genshin Impact. So, venture forth, gather your resources, and ascend your characters to even greater heights!

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