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Waven Tier List – Step into the enchanting world of Waven with our comprehensive tier list as your guiding star! In this guide, we’ll immerse ourselves in the captivating RPG universe of Waven, a realm where adventure, strategy, and deckbuilding mechanics intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. Prepare to set sail on a grand journey through this submerged world, where islands, battles, and magic await your exploration.

Waven beckons you to become a seafaring adventurer, embarking on a quest filled with mysteries and challenges. As you traverse the waves, confronting various monsters and mysteries, the choice of your character class becomes pivotal.

Within Waven’s rich tapestry, an array of classes empowers you to tailor your strategy and unleash your potential. The decision of which class to embrace can significantly influence your journey. That’s where our tier list comes into play, shedding light on the strengths and weaknesses of each class, enabling you to make well-informed choices and optimize your adventure.

Whether you prefer the mastery of potent spells or the thrill of close combat, our Waven classes tier list serves as your trusty compass in navigating the turbulent waters of this extraordinary realm.

Waven Tier List – September 2023

Tier S – Best Waven Classes

  • Iop Kasai
  • Iop Orok
  • Xelor Gurpapa Regulator
  • Iop Spectral
  • Sram Ken Kartana

Tier A – Waven Classes

  • Xelor Tako Synchronizater
  • Eniripsa Voracius Blade
  • Cra Voldorak Vo (Zandiezer Zo)
  • Sram Kartana
  • Iop Fairblade
  • Eniripsa Kokoro
  • Iop Stalaktoss

Tier B – Waven Classes

  • Cra Expingole (Blunderbust)
  • Cra Piven
  • Sram Orishi
  • Eniripsa Scalpel
  • Cra Bunelame (Buneblade)
  • Eniripsa Tamashi Amber
  • Eniripsa Dephasing Gem
  • Xelor Catalyst
  • Xelor Jikan

Tier C – Waven Heroes

  • Sram Shugen
  • Sram Amurai Blade (Ourai)
  • Sram Surokan Shiv
  • Cra Shiru Shaden

Tier D – Heroes

  • Xelor Pikuxala Hand

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