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MIUI 15 Feature – Xiaomi, renowned as one of the world’s foremost smartphone manufacturers, is in the final stages of preparations for the highly anticipated release of MIUI 15, the latest iteration of their user interface. With a history of pushing the boundaries of innovation, Xiaomi has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology to its vast user base. In this article, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration, diving deep into the intricacies of MIUI 15, to uncover and elucidate the array of eagerly anticipated features that Xiaomi enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike have been eagerly awaiting.

1. Redesigned Camera Interface

The camera is a pivotal component of Xiaomi devices. In previous MIUI versions, we witnessed minimal changes in the camera interface. Now, Xiaomi users are expecting an enhanced photography experience with MIUI 15.

It is anticipated that the redesigned camera interface will provide an overall better user experience. It will be designed to enable users to operate the camera with one hand, facilitating quicker access to shooting modes, easy adjustment of settings, and efficient management of photos and videos.

2. Lock Screen and Always On Display (AOD) Customization

MIUI 15 is likely to offer richer customization options for the lock screen and Always On Display (AOD). In previous versions, Xiaomi had not made significant changes to the lock screen design. However, with MIUI 15, users might be able to customize the lock screen according to their preferences. This means users will have more choices to personalize the look of their device.

Similar changes may also be implemented in Always-On Display (AOD), giving users greater control over customization options for their device’s display.

3. Removal of 32-bit App Support

One major change that might come with MIUI 15 is the removal of support for 32-bit apps. According to Xiaomi’s perspective, 32-bit apps can cause performance issues and affect system stability.

Therefore, MIUI 15 is likely to support only 64-bit apps. This change could impact older devices that may no longer be compatible with MIUI 15 as they may not support 64-bit apps.

4. Based on Android 14

MIUI 15 is expected to be based on the Android 14 platform. Android 14 brings numerous significant changes, including performance enhancements, improved security, and several exciting new features. This will result in an overall better user experience on Xiaomi devices.

MIUI 15 is highly anticipated, and Xiaomi enthusiasts are sure to be pleased with the innovations brought by this latest software. With a redesigned camera interface, improved customization, support for 64-bit apps, and the foundation of Android 14, Xiaomi continues to innovate to provide an exceptional user experience. Stay connected for further updates on MIUI 15!

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