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HOL Tier List – Are you ready to conquer stage bosses and dominate PvP battles in the enchanting world of Heir of Light Eclipse? Created by Com2uS, this game seamlessly combines gacha, AFK idle, action, and strategy elements, immersing you in an ever-lasting clash between light and dark forces. In your quest for power, you’ll assemble teams of captivating anime-style characters, each wielding their own unique battle style, skills, and attributes.

To help you navigate this captivating realm, we present the Heir of Light Eclipse tier list. Whether you’re seeking the mightiest champions for epic showdowns or strategic aces for specific situations, our tier list ranks these characters from the formidable S tier to the versatile D tier, ensuring you harness their strength and skills to the fullest. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through this tier list and enhance your gameplay experience.

HOL Heir of Light Eclipse Tier List – September 2023


  • Nuu (Warrior, Morning Star)
  • Midge (Tank, Protector)
  • Lightless Heylel (Ranger, Morning Star)
  • Ignis (Support, Dark Blood)
  • Grisette (Mage, Dominator)
  • Letum (Warrior, Dark Blood)
  • Ophelia & Bastille (Support, Morning Star)
  • Gottorp (Tank, Dominator)
  • Blavatsky (Mage, Dark Blood)


  • Caesar (Tank, Immortal)
  • Hern (Warrior, Immortal)
  • Eir (Mage, Protector)
  • Teresia (Tank, Purifier)
  • Nua (Support, Purifier)
  • Mist (Ranger, Purifier)
  • Carmilla (Warrior, Immortal)
  • Rhamaan (Tank, Protector)
  • Celestial Sphinx (Support, Morning Star)
  • Skadi (Ranger, Protector)
  • Heide (Warrior, Purifier)
  • Broken Wings, Sphinx (Mage, Dominator)


  • Xita (Ranger, Dominator)
  • Heylel (Mage, Purifier)
  • Simone (Ranger, Immortal)
  • Sinistra (Support, Dominator)
  • Mildred (Ranger, Protector)
  • Scar (Warrior, Dominator)
  • Belladonnas (Ranger, Immortal)
  • Lenore (Support, Purifier)
  • Ankou (Tank, Immortal)
  • Miya (Support, Protector)
  • Hopkins (Ranger, Purifier)
  • Christine (Mage, Immortal)


  • Björn (Warrior, Dominator)
  • Ella (Support, Purifier)
  • Koume (Ranger, Protector)
  • Rem (Tank, Dominator)
  • Laura (Mage, Immortal)
  • Marry (Support, Protector)
  • Dunkelhund (Warrior, Dominator)
  • Monolith (Tank, Dominator)
  • Gretel (Ranger, Immortal)
  • Nutkin (Mage, Protector)
  • Fagin (Tank, Immortal)
  • Witchcap Fungus (Support, Dominator)
  • Sirucus (Tank, Protector)


  • Flynn (Mage, Purifier)
  • Saighead (Support, Protector)
  • Ishmael (Tank, Purifier)
  • Dorrit (Support, Purifier)
  • Marat (Tank, Immortal)
  • Spriggan (Warrior, Immortal)
  • Fencer, Griselda (Tank, Purifier)
  • Iyagagak (Warrior, Immortal)
  • Sugarplum (Mage, Protector)
  • Ragamuffin Raider (Warrior, Dominator)
  • Mounted Lancer, Griselda (Support, Purifier)
  • Ashimov (Warrior, Protector)
  • Ragamuffin Bowman (Mage, Dominator)

In the ever-evolving world of Heir of Light Eclipse, mastering the art of team composition is the key to unlocking unparalleled success. Armed with this comprehensive tier list, you now possess the knowledge to make informed choices and build formidable squads tailored to your unique playstyle. Whether you aim to conquer stage bosses or dominate in PvP battles, the heroes in these tiers will be your steadfast companions on this enchanting journey. Remember, the path to greatness is paved with strategy and power, and as you continue your adventure, may your heroes shine brightly in the realms of light and darkness.

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