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Welcome to our latest blog post, where we dive into the exciting world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Tier List! If you’ve ever found yourself wondering which heroes are currently ruling the battlefield or how to strategize for success in this popular mobile game, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a user-friendly breakdown of the MLBB Tier List, making it easier than ever to navigate the dynamic landscape of heroes and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your MLBB journey, we’ve got you covered with valuable insights and tips to help you climb the ranks. So, let’s jump right in and explore the ever-evolving world of MLBB tiers!

MLBB Tier List


  1. Kadita (Mage)
  2. Edith (Tank)
  3. Fredrinn (Tank)
  4. Terizla (Fighter)
  5. Valentina (Mage)
  6. Bruno (Marksman)
  7. Novaria (Mage)
  8. Yve (Mage)
  9. Joy (Assassin)
  10. Paquito (Fighter)
  11. Claude (Marksman)
  12. Martis (Fighter)
  13. Fanny (Assassin)


  1. Franco (Tank)
  2. Kaja (Fighter)
  3. Khufra (Tank)
  4. X.Borg (Fighter)
  5. Beatrix (Marksman)
  6. Brody (Marksman)
  7. Baxia (Tank)
  8. Irithel (Marksman)
  9. Lancelot (Assassin)
  10. Angela (Support)
  11. Grock (Tank)
  12. Gord (Mage)


  1. Faramis (Support)
  2. Chou (Fighter)
  3. Pharsa (Mage)
  4. Ling (Assassin)
  5. Gloo (Tank)
  6. Diggie (Support)
  7. Clint (Marksman)
  8. Floryn (Support)
  9. Yu Zhong (Fighter)
  10. Valir (Mage)
  11. Hayabusa (Assassin)
  12. Uranus (Tank)
  13. Minotaur (Tank)
  14. Lesley (Marksman)
  15. Arlott (Fighter)
  16. Lapu-Lapu (Fighter)
  17. Lylia (Mage)
  18. Karrie (Marksman)
  19. Lolita (Support)
  20. Khaleed (Fighter)
  21. Ruby (Fighter)
  22. Helcurt (Assassin)
  23. Alpha (Fighter)
  24. Dyrroth (Fighter)


  1. Akai (Tank)
  2. Bane (Fighter)
  3. Cecilion (Mage)
  4. Harith (Mage)
  5. Melissa (Marksman)
  6. Wanwan (Marksman)
  7. Estes (Support)
  8. Esmeralda (Mage)
  9. Benedetta (Assassin)
  10. Guinevere (Fighter)
  11. Alice (Mage)
  12. Xavier (Mage)
  13. Harley (Mage)
  14. Chang’e (Mage)
  15. Hilda (Fighter)
  16. Natalia (Assassin)
  17. Hylos (Tank)
  18. Yi Sun-shin (Assassin)
  19. Hanzo (Assassin)
  20. Freya (Fighter)
  21. Atlas (Tank)
  22. Lunox (Mage)
  23. Granger (Marksman)
  24. Badang (Fighter)


  1. Gusion (Assassin)
  2. Moskov (Marksman)
  3. Rafaela (Support)
  4. Kagura (Mage)
  5. Minsitthar (Fighter)
  6. Saber (Assassin)
  7. Aldous (Fighter)
  8. Jawhead (Fighter)
  9. Julian (Fighter)
  10. Leomord (Fighter)
  11. Odette (Mage)
  12. Karina (Assassin)
  13. Aulus (Fighter)
  14. Masha (Fighter)
  15. Balmond (Fighter)
  16. Kimmy (Marksman)
  17. Hanabi (Marksman)
  18. Luo Yi (Mage)
  19. Selena (Assassin)
  20. Yin (Fighter)
  21. Barats (Tank)
  22. Argus (Fighter)
  23. Carmilla (Support)
  24. Ixia (Marksman)


  1. Aamon (Assassin)
  2. Cyclops (Mage)
  3. Phoveus (Fighter)
  4. Natan (Marksman)
  5. Alucard (Fighter)
  6. Layla (Marksman)
  7. Zhask (Mage)
  8. Vale (Mage)
  9. Zilong (Fighter)
  10. Eudora (Mage)
  11. Belerick (Tank)
  12. Gatotkaca (Tank)
  13. Miya (Marksman)
  14. Roger (Fighter)
  15. Thamuz (Fighter)
  16. Johnson (Tank)
  17. Popol and Kupa (Marksman)
  18. Sun (Fighter)
  19. Mathilda (Support)
  20. Aurora (Mage)
  21. Silvanna (Fighter)
  22. Tigreal (Tank)
  23. Vexana (Mage)
  24. Nana (Mage)

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