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Welcome to our guide dedicated to the RM Cookie Toppings Build in Cookie Run Kingdom. RM Cookie, the charismatic leader of the BTS Cookies, brings a unique set of skills to your team. In this article, we’ll explore the best toppings build for the Cookie, delve into its powerful abilities, uncover its intriguing backstory, and provide insights on acquiring this special rarity cookie.

RM Cookie Topping Guide

  • Top Choice: X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • Sub Stats: CD OR CRIT

Unlock the Cookie’s true potential with our recommended toppings build featuring X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings. Discover how this setup reduces skill cooldown, enabling you to cast abilities faster and more frequently. Maximize healing, debuff management, and support for your team with this top-tier configuration.

Unraveling RM Cookie’s Skills

RM Cookie’s Skill: “ARMY’s Wishes”

  • Description: Thanks to ARMY’s sincerest wishes, the BTS Cookies are safeguarded and invulnerable to enemy attacks. Utilize this skill for periodic healing, immunity to Stun, and increased Debuff Resist for your entire team. In addition, your team will receive an HP Shield when an ally suffers from a specific number of debuffs.

Safeguarded Ability – RM Cookie

  • Explore the unique qualities of cookies with the Safeguarded ability, which renders them impervious to attacks and immune to defeat. Learn how this ability impacts battle strategies and team dynamics.

RM Cookie is a standout among the BTS Cookies, characterized by its SPECIAL rarity status. Discover the origins of the Cookie, its introduction to Cookie Run Kingdom, and the crossover event that brought it into the game.

How to Get RM Cookie

Learn how to acquire RM Cookie and its soulstones through the BTX X Cookie Run Kingdom crossover gacha. We provide details on the event timeline, ensuring you’re well-prepared to add this remarkable cookie to your collection.

Is RM Cookie a Game-Changer?

Is the Cookie a valuable addition to your Cookie Run Kingdom team? Explore its strengths and weaknesses in our comprehensive CRK tier list, helping you make an informed decision about its role in your squad.

RM Cookie Wiki

  • Rarity: SPECIAL
  • Class: BTS
  • Position: Rear
  • Announce Date: October 9th, 2022
  • Release Date: October 13th, 2022

On October 9th, 2022, Cookie Run Kingdom received an exciting update, introducing the Special Rarity cookie, RM Cookie. Dive into the impact of this addition on the game and the anticipation it generated among players.


Our in-depth guide concludes with insights into the the Cookie Toppings Build, offering you a strategic advantage in Cookie Run Kingdom. Whether you’re a fan of the Cookie’s leadership or aiming for victory, this special cookie has much to offer. Explore its abilities, backstory, and potential, and embark on an unforgettable journey in the Cookie Kingdom.

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