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In the ever-evolving landscape of Mobile Legends, hero adjustments are a frequent occurrence, and one of the most talked-about updates recently is the significant buff to Ixia’s Ultimate ability. To truly understand the impact of this buff, let’s delve into the details of the changes and how they have reshaped Ixia Mobile Legends abilities.

Ixia’s Ultimate ability received a comprehensive overhaul, comprising both buffs and nerfs. These adjustments aimed to create a more balanced and dynamic gameplay experience for those who choose to wield her power.

  1. Enhanced Damage Output: One of the notable buffs is the increase in damage output for Ixia’s Ultimate ability. This means that when she unleashes her full potential, her attacks now pack a more substantial punch. This aspect of the buff not only makes her a more formidable threat in one-on-one duels but also elevates her teamfight presence.
  2. Reduced Cooldown: Another aspect of the buff is the reduction in the cooldown time for her Ultimate ability. This change allows Ixia to utilize her powerful attack more frequently, granting her greater versatility in engagements and making her less vulnerable during cooldown periods.
  3. Adjusted Mobility: The buff also brought about subtle mobility enhancements. Ixia can now move more fluidly after casting her skills, providing her with better positioning options during battles. This increased mobility allows for more strategic plays, both in terms of engaging and escaping.
  4. Balanced Nerfs: Alongside the buffs, there were some minor nerfs to certain aspects of Ixia’s kit to maintain balance. These nerfs ensure that her newfound strength doesn’t tip the scales too far in her favor.

In conclusion, Ixia’s recent buff has undeniably elevated her prowess on the battlefield. Her enhanced damage output, reduced cooldown, and improved mobility make her a force to be reckoned with. However, it’s essential to note that she remains a hero who excels in specific situations and requires a skilled hand to unlock her full potential. Players who can master her updated abilities and leverage them strategically will find Ixia to be a formidable choice in the ever-competitive world of Mobile Legends.

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