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Are you facing performance issues like lag, delays, low FPS, or stuttering in Dotage? We understand the frustration, and we all want a smooth gaming experience. You can enhance your gameplay and frame rate with a few straightforward steps. In case the steps below don’t resolve your Dotage problems, consider checking the Dotage Steam community forum to see if other players are encountering similar issues.

1. Download Update/Patch

Ensure you have the latest version of Dotage. If the problem is due to poor optimization or game code, updating to the latest version might help. If you have Dotage on platforms like Steam, you can download updates by launching the game. For physical or installer copies, check the Dotage publisher/developer website for patches.

2. Drivers Update

Outdated drivers can affect your PC’s performance. Updating specific components’ drivers, like graphic drivers, can help your computer handle newer technologies used by game developers. If you’re unsure how to update drivers manually, consider using a program that can automatically scan, download, and install the latest drivers.

3. Adjust Graphics Settings

Optimize your gaming experience by adjusting the graphics settings in Dotage. Even if your computer meets the recommended hardware requirements, lowering the graphics settings can help resolve performance issues arising from poor optimization.

4. Set Game to High Priority

Allocate more resources to Dotage by setting it to high priority. This can significantly improve your gaming experience and boost FPS. To do this, open Dotage, access Task Manager while in-game (press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC), navigate to the Details tab, find the main game process, right-click, hover over Set Priority, and choose High.

5. Disable Steam Overlay

The Steam overlay can consume system resources, impacting CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. Temporarily disabling the Steam overlay might alleviate performance issues. To disable it, open Steam, go to Library, right-click on Dotage, click Properties, go to the GENERAL tab, and uncheck the Enable Steam Overlay while in-game.

6. Clean Up Your Computer

Regularly cleaning your computer, both physically and digitally, can enhance its overall performance. Check for viruses, remove unnecessary programs running in the background, and ensure there’s sufficient disk space to avoid performance problems. Also, cleaning the internal components can prevent heating issues that impact performance.

Dotage, is a new games, but the game is not perfect as such there are some graphical issue such as lagging and all. However for those that want to fix that, you can use the recommendation guide that we had made from above. Hopefully this article will be a help for you.

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