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Cici Mobile Legends Release Date – Just like you, I can’t contain my excitement for the forthcoming debut of Cici in MLBB! This new Fighter hero is already creating a buzz with her exceptional damage and Movement, making her a promising addition to the roster for players who prioritize team dealing damage and creating chaos.

When is Cici Mobile Legends Going to Be Released?

While Moonton hasn’t disclosed the exact release date for Cici, they’ve assured the community that she’ll be gracing the live servers soon. Personally, I’m crossing my fingers for her arrival in the next major patch, but until then, let’s keep our eyes peeled for any updates.

What are Cici Going to Be Used For?

In the meantime, let’s delve into the potential ways Cici might revolutionize the MLBB meta and gameplay. Here are a few speculations on how she could be played:

  • Assassin: Cici has the ability to deal massive damage by using the combination of her first and ultimate ability
  • Fighter EXP Lane: With Cici ability to deal massive damage, she will be able to fight in the exp lane and enjoy the benefit of farming EXP.
  • Jungler: Cici has the ability to deal massive damage, this not only benefit her ability to lane in the EXP lane, but also jungling and gain massive boost, especially with her annoying second skill to jump whenever she want!

As the MLBB community eagerly anticipates Cici’s arrival, we can’t help but imagine the impact she’ll have on the competitive landscape. Get ready to witness the game-changing dynamics she brings to the battlefield!

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