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Brace yourself for the release of Silent Hill: Ascension, offering a unique and eerie gaming experience on All Hallow’s Eve, starting tomorrow. Silent Hill: Ascension delves into the spine-chilling world of the horror classic, offering a distinctive approach to interaction. Each day, fresh content will be streamed live, with the fate of the characters hinging on the audience’s decisions, actions, and participation.

While all episodes will be accessible for later viewing, the real-time choices made during the livestream will dictate the direction of the storyline, leading characters to various outcomes, some of which might not end well. The game serves not only as a test of your own choices but also as a testament to the collective judgment of everyone involved, which could be either reassuring or anxiety-inducing, depending on your trust in others’ decision-making.

Similar to previous iterations of Silent Hill, Ascension centres around families grappling with distress, unveiling tales of shattered lives and haunted legacies. In Norway, the Johansen family is reeling from the loss of their matriarch, Ingrid Johansen, and the surrounding darkness and tragedy that envelop the family are far from over.

Meanwhile, in a struggling town in the Rust Belt, the Hernandez family is on the brink of an upheaval. Strange forces have been unleashed, setting the stage for a predicament that affects the entire community. The first episode is scheduled to premiere at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on October 31st, with daily instalments continuing until the conclusion of the narrative. Pre-registration for Silent Hill: Ascension is now open on Google Play, ensuring you don’t miss a spine-tingling moment.

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