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Blood Strike is an action-packed, fast-paced FPS Battle Royale game designed specifically for mobile devices with limited storage and lower-end specifications. With a player limit of 100, players can engage in customizable weapons and choose from a diverse array of Operators, each equipped with unique skills and abilities. Those interested can download the SEA Version of Blood Strike right now by using this link below.

The gameplay involves dynamic movements such as parachuting, gliding, free running, and zip-lining, offering a thrilling and immersive combat experience. The game allows for unlimited respawns, encouraging players to maintain an aggressive playstyle to secure victory.

Players can expect a realistic and exhilarating shooting experience, with the opportunity to personalize their weapons by unlocking various attachments and requesting them via airdrop during battles. The strategic depth of the game is enhanced by the ability to mix and match different Operators, allowing for the creation of diverse tactical combinations to outlast opponents and emerge triumphant.

Moreover, the game’s optimization ensures smooth performance on devices with limited resources, making it accessible to a wide audience with its small download size requirement and 2GB RAM compatibility.

Download Blood Strike SEA

Play Blood Strike SEA on PC:

Customize Control for Blood Strike SEA  on the emulator:

  • First of all, click on the keyboard icon that is available on the right side of the LDPlayer
  • After clicking the keyboard icon, there is going to be some button that you can choose in the emulator. One of which is the move buttons that looks like Joystick, and the other will let you do a tapping motion by clicking your keyboard.

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