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Derelict Asher, Storm of Vengeance guide, presents a formidable challenge for players venturing into the Stormbearer’s Tower at Weeping Grove. Possessing both a ranged and melee form, Asher’s versatile combat style demands a well-considered approach and a keen understanding of his tactics. Despite the initial difficulty, once you grasp his attack patterns and adapt accordingly, the battle becomes more manageable.

Let’s delve into Asher’s distinct move sets and effective strategies for combat:

Asher Storm of Vengeance Derelict Skill Set:

Ranged Form:

  • Lightning Strike: Initiated with a powerful leap, Asher unleashes an explosive lightning bolt, inflicting substantial damage. Timely dodging is crucial to avoid this attack.
  • Lightning Spear: Throwing lightning bolts after a brief windup, Asher’s Lightning Spear demands precise timing for successful evasion.
  • Umbral Grasp: Launching a shadow hand towards the player, Asher immobilizes the target momentarily, setting up for a subsequent Lightning Spear. Swift rolling is essential to escape this immobilizing grip.
  • Black Hole: Creating a gravitational pull, Asher’s Black Hole interferes with movement and dodging, posing a challenge when combined with other attacks.

Melee Form:

  • Melee Switch: Swiftly transitioning into his melee form, Asher wields a lightning-infused sword, ready to engage in close combat.
  • Feint: Employing deceptive tactics, Asher’s Feint aims to disrupt the player’s rhythm, demanding careful attention and adaptive responses.
  • Thrust: Unleashing a forceful thrust attack, Asher tests the player’s reflexes and positioning, requiring precise timing to evade.
  • Teleport: Utilizing quick teleportation, Asher maneuvers behind the player, setting up for his swift sword sequence.

Derelict Asher Storm of Vengeance Strategy Guide

  1. Study the Moves: Familiarize yourself with Asher’s distinct move sets in both his ranged and melee forms. Understanding his attack patterns is crucial to anticipating and effectively countering his assaults.
  2. Adaptation is Key: Be ready to adapt swiftly during the battle, adjusting your strategy based on Asher’s shifting forms and varied attacks. Flexibility in combat approach will significantly enhance your chances of success.
  3. Maintain Distance: During Asher’s Black Hole attack, prioritize keeping a safe distance to avoid getting pulled in and sustaining unnecessary damage. Use this time to plan your next move and regain your bearings.
  4. Precise Dodging: Master the art of dodging, timing your rolls meticulously to evade Asher’s lightning-infused assaults. Practice rolling forward or to the side to evade Lightning Spear and Umbral Grasp, ensuring you remain one step ahead.
  5. Exploit Ripostes: Capitalize on the opportunities to riposte during Asher’s melee phase. Leveraging well-timed parries will not only enable you to break his stance gauge swiftly but also deal heavy damage, turning the tide of the battle in your favor.
  6. Weapon Selection: Opt for agile and swift weapons such as daggers and swords to maximize your damage output while maintaining agility in combat. Avoid using slower weapons that might leave you vulnerable to Asher’s rapid attacks and teleportation maneuvers.
  7. Learn and Improve: Embrace a learning mindset, recognizing that multiple attempts may be required to grasp the intricacies of the battle fully. Use each encounter as an opportunity to refine your skills and deepen your understanding of Asher’s combat tactics.
  8. Gear and Preparation: Equip yourself with Brute or Roguehide armor and steel-level weapons as a baseline for the fight. Ensure you have an ample supply of healing items like food and Distilled Waters to sustain yourself during the intense confrontation.


Upon defeating Asher, Storm of Vengeance, and emerging victorious from the intense battle within the Stormbearer’s Tower in Weeping Grove, you can expect to obtain valuable rewards that will aid you in your further adventures within the Derelict universe:

  1. Umbral Grasp Spell Essence (Dark): By conquering Asher, you’ll gain access to the Umbral Grasp Spell Essence (Dark), which can significantly enhance your spellcasting abilities and provide you with a potent dark spell to add to your arsenal.
  2. Tower Key: As a token of your triumph, you’ll be rewarded with a Tower Key that grants you access to unlock and explore additional areas within Asher’s Tower. Utilize this key to uncover hidden treasures and unravel more secrets hidden within the depths of the tower.

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