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Best Strikers EA Sports FC 24 – Unlocking the true potential of your EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team relies heavily on having a standout striker. Whether you’re eyeing a prolific goal-scorer like Mbappe or the towering presence of Haaland, securing the right striker can elevate your team’s performance to unprecedented levels. There’s nothing more disheartening than meticulously crafting a formidable offense only to witness your star striker squander a straightforward scoring opportunity.

Best Strikers and Attacker in EA Sports FC 24

1. Erling Haaland (Rating: 91)

Standing at an imposing 6’5″, Haaland is a dominating force in EA Sports FC 24. His remarkable overall rating of 91 makes him a formidable presence on the field, especially as he represents Manchester City in the Premier League. With a left foot that poses a serious threat and a distinctive High/Medium work rate, Haaland’s abilities extend beyond just scoring goals, making him a cover player for this year’s game.

2. Kylian Mbappe (Rating: 91)

Mbappe, the 24-year-old French striker playing for Paris SG in League 1 Uber Eats, maintains a consistent 91 rating for the second year in a row in EA Sports FC 24. Known for his lightning-fast moves and a unique Playstyle Plus named Quick Step, Mbappe’s right foot and 5-star skill moves set him apart as a dynamic and versatile attacking option.

3. Sam Kerr (Rating: 90)

Australian striker Sam Kerr, at 5 feet 6 inches tall, commands attention with her fearsome rating of 90 in EA Sports FC 24. Playing for Chelsea in the Barclays Women’s Super League, Kerr’s high work rate on both attack and defense, along with her strong right foot and 4-star skill moves, make her a crucial player with the ability to change the course of a game.

4. Caroline Graham Hansen (Rating: 90)

As a 28-year-old Norwegian winger for FC Barcelona in Liga F, Hansen brings flair and skill to EA Sports FC 24 with a rating of 90. Her 5-star skill moves add a unique dimension to the game, allowing players to execute a diverse range of skills and maneuvers on the virtual pitch.

5. Karim Benzema (Rating: 90)

At 35 years old, the French striker Benzema, playing as a Center Forward for Al Ittihad in the ROSHN Saudi League, boasts an impressive rating of 90 in EA FC 24. With a balanced medium work rate, a right foot that delivers powerful shots, and 4-star skill moves, Benzema offers a seasoned and reliable option for the attack.

6. Harry Kane (Rating: 90)

Renowned in both real and virtual football, 30-year-old English striker Harry Kane achieves a rating of 90 in EA Sports FC 24. Representing FC Bayern Munchen in the Bundesliga, Kane’s high attacking and defensive work rates, along with a rare 5-star weak foot, make him a versatile and clinical goal-scorer.

7. Lionel Messi (Rating: 90)

The legendary Argentine attacker Lionel Messi, at 36, continues to shine with a rating of 90 in EA Sports FC 24. Leading as a Center Forward for Inter Miami CF in the MLS, Messi’s left foot, 4-star weak foot, and 4-star skill moves showcase his enduring skill and mastery on the virtual pitch.

8. Robert Lewandowski (Rating: 90)

With a tremendous overall rating of 90, the 35-year-old Polish striker Lewandowski represents FC Barcelona in the LALIGA EA Sports League. His powerful right foot, 4-star weak foot, and 4-star skill moves make him a reliable and potent goal-scoring option in EA Sports FC 24.

9. Vinicius Junior (Rating: 89)

Real Madrid’s dynamic 22-year-old Brazilian winger, Vinicius Junior, holds an overall rating of 89 in EA FC 24. His high attacking and defensive work rates, along with a 4-star weak foot and 5-star skill moves, make him a versatile and skillful player capable of executing a wide range of moves in the LALIGA EA Sports league.

10. Neymar Jr (Rating: 89)

The Brazilian showman, Neymar Jr, at 31, shines with an 89 rating in EA Sports FC 24. Playing for Al Hilal in the ROSHN Saudi League, Neymar Jr’s high attacking work rate, low defensive work rate, 5-star weak foot, and 5-star skill moves make him a flair-filled and finesse-driven attacking option in the game.

Revolutionize your game experience and lead your team to victory with these top-tier strikers in EA Sports FC 24. Whether you prefer the towering presence of Haaland or the lightning-fast moves of Mbappe, choosing the right striker is the key to dominating the virtual football arena.

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