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HoloCure Collabs Tier List Newest Update – Welcome back to the world of HoloCure, where the latest update awaits your exploration! Are you eager to discover your ideal pick for the upcoming journey? Look no further – you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

Our comprehensive HoloCure collaboration tier list stands ready to guide you through the top-down Vampire Survivors-inspired gameplay. Within the realm of HoloCure, a captivating roguelike adventure unfolds, bringing beloved HoloLive characters to the forefront as they bravely face relentless hordes of adversaries.

HoloCure Collabs Tier List Newest Update


  • BL Book
  • Bounce Ball
  • EN’s Curse
  • Psycho Axe
  • Sausage
  • Spider Cooking
  • Wamy Water


  • CEO’s Tears
  • Cutting Board
  • Elite Lava Bucket
  • Idol Song
  • Plug Type Asacoco


  • Glowstick
  • Holo Bomb


  • Fan Beam
  • X-Potato

HoloCure stands as a passionate fan endeavor, uniting the familiar countenances of HoloLive’s prominent figures within a whirlwind of frenetic action. Plunge into an intense arena pulsating with waves of adversaries, where your mettle is tested in a battle for survival across successive rounds. Elevate your combat prowess by harnessing the might of items and collaborations, all while navigating this thrilling experience.

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