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Are you diving into the world of Metal Slug Awakening and feeling overwhelmed by the array of characters? Fear not! Our Metal Slug Awakening tier list breaks down the characters, making it easier for you to choose the right one for your gaming experience.

Metal Slug Awakening is a mobile game designed to capture the essence of the classic Metal Slug series. As you navigate side-scrolling levels, you’ll engage in intense battles, mow down soldiers, and discover a variety of unique and quirky weapons. Additionally, you can hop into vehicles and wreak havoc on land, in the air, or at sea.

For a firsthand experience, head over to the official website and give it a try.

Metal Slug Awakening Tier List (2023):

  • S-Tier: Eva Glenn, Lyla, Marco Rossi, Scarlett
  • A-Tier: Eri Kasamoto, Tarma Roving, Trevor Spacey
  • B-Tier: Fio Germi, Haran
  • C-Tier: Nadia Cassel
  • D-Tier: None yet. Stay tuned for more information!

Character List:

  • Eri Kasamoto
  • Eva Glenn
  • Fio Germi
  • Haran
  • Lyla
  • Marco Rossi
  • Nadia Cassel
  • Scarlett
  • Tarma Roving
  • Trevor Spacey

Understanding Our Tiers:

S Tier List: The cream of the crop. These characters outshine almost everything else, offering a significant advantage over the average player. They are overpowered and will give you a considerable edge in the game.

A Tier List: Solid characters that provide an edge over the average player. While not as dominant as S-Tier, they are still worth considering and can enhance your gaming experience.

B Tier List: Decent characters that offer a standard, reliable player experience. They will serve you well, although you might choose them more to fill a specific party role.

C Tier List: Below average characters. It’s advisable to explore other options unless you have a very particular strategy in mind. There may be niche uses that redeem them slightly.

D Tier List: Not worth your time. These characters are essentially useless in the game.

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