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Raid Shadow Legends Mythical Champion Tier List, The latest addition to RAID: Shadow Legends comes in the form of the powerful Mythical champions, bringing a whole new level of strength to the game. These champions, comparable to the Legendary ones, have an added edge that can truly elevate your team’s performance. Keep an eye out for the S-tier champions, as they can seamlessly fit into any team setup, ensuring a formidable advantage on the battlefield.

What is a Mythical Champion on Raid Shadow Legends?

The key feature of the Mythical champions lies in their ability to switch between two forms: the Base and Alternate forms, altering their role from Attack to Support, Support to HP, or any other role you might need. To maximize their potential, it’s crucial to equip them with the appropriate gear sets that complement their specific forms.

Raid Shadow Legends Mythical Champion Tier List:

  • S-Tier: Lady Mikage, Siegfrung the Nephilim, Gharol Bloodmaul, Arbais the Stonethorn, Mezomel Luperfang
  • A-Tier: Frolni the Mechanist
  • B-Tier: –
  • C-Tier: –
  • D-Tier: –

Siegfrung the Nephilim, a versatile champion, leads the pack of Mythical champions. With the ability to switch between Support and Attack roles, he can either unleash devastating damage or provide crucial healing for the entire team.

Another standout is Gharol the Bloodmaul, capable of transforming into an Attack or HP champion. In his HP form, he proves to be a vital support by stripping shields from enemies and luring their attacks, all while rendering himself invulnerable. Switching to Attack mode, he bypasses a portion of the target’s DEF and launches multiple fierce assaults.


the RAID: Shadow Legends Mythical Tier List offers valuable insights into the game’s most formidable champions, shedding light on their unique abilities and roles within the gameplay. Whether you’re seeking versatile support or hard-hitting attackers, these Mythical champions are sure to elevate your gaming experience.

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