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The android game is developing each and every day to the point that it isn’t less than any PC or Console game. Heck, even some of the games is made for both devices with the same feature except for the control. This means that even though it is a mobile game, the size is almost the same as a PC or Console game. So today, we will give you some of the best android game on Android that have the biggest size in 2023.

We are going to update the list here for those interested in the biggest size mobile games, for 2024!

15. Night Crows MMORPG (8GB)

The anticipated MMORPG offers a high-quality graphics and gameplay. In Night Crows, players will experience deep RPG gameplay, where every decision and effort invested will influence the growth and progression of their character. Utilizing Unreal Engine 5, the game presents a stunning world with captivating detail, allowing players to choose their own character’s path in epic battles. Moreover, players will also be able to enjoy thrilling aerial combat using “Gliders,” expanding the battlefield into the sky/


14. Earth Revival (15GB)

A new mobile game made by the developer Nuverse had finally been released called Earth Revival and is available to download. The game offers a really cool quality graphic, awesome content, and lastly awesome gameplay.

“Earth Revival” is a sci-fi MMORPG game set in the 22nd century where the planet Gaia has been invaded by an alien civilization. Players take on the role of survivors who must face the remaining alien species, solve the conspiracy of evil forces, and reveal the true face of aliens light years away.

1. A Dream of Jianghu (16.5GB)

A Dream of Jianghu is one of the best Chinese MMORPG with high quality graphic and open world games, where players can explore almost 8 millions square meters world with no teleport. The game is really beautiful, with many fun activities to explore from Moving water tanks, eating fruits, and many more. There are also all kind of skills, and effect, with tons of monster to battle. The game is so much fun to play, with bunch of differents customization on mobile. One of the best looking android games.


2. Genshin Impact (12GB)

Genshin impact is probably one of the biggest size games on android. There are so many contents in the game, from questing, beautiful city, cute awesome character, a graphic that will make your phone, and many more. The game is an open world massive ARPG game, where players will be able to freely fly around the game exploring stuff with their friends, and of course the game is cross play between PC, PS4, Android and iOS.


3. Honkai Impact 3rd (11.5 GB)

Honkai Impact 3rd is another mobile game made by miHoyo, the game is an ARPG game, where players can kill, fight enemies with a really cool graphic and effect. Not only that, the character all have their own skills, and there are open-world exploration, base building, racing, shooting, and even co-op in the game that makes the game much more enjoyable to play. Added with a cool and cute characters, the game is really fun to play.


4. Legends of Qin (9.5GB)

The Legends of Qin is a mobile 3D MMORPG game that are based on the anime series. The game follow the story line, plot, and character from the animated series, and let players explore the martial arts and fantasy story in the game. There are so many things that you can play in the MMORPG games, where multiple battlefields and casual gameplay can be used to further enhanced the gameplay experiences.


5. XCOM 2 Collection (9GB)

A world when aliens rule the world, and you are the one that are going to rebel against them. The game is the complete experience of XCOM sequel that is the science fiction games made by Julian Gollop back in 1994. Enhanced with good graphic and a mobile controller the game is perfect for those that want an action pack shooter game.


6. Caravan Story (8.3 GB)

Caravan Story is a cute MMORPG games that follow the story based on the race that you choose. There are 6 different story that you can uncovers. The game is very beautiful, and the graphic is phenomenal where you will be able to explore over 100 different areas and 200 different monster to fight with. There are so many content from raid bosses, dungeons, and even guild raids. The game is so fun, and so beautiful!


7. LifeAfter: Night falls (8GB)

One of the most interesting mobile zombie survival game, where you will play as a survivor in a zombie apocalyptic world. Secure the resource, play with your guild mates, and then choose your jobs to craft the items that you want. The game implemented a seamless loading feature, where players are free to roam around this apocalyptic world with tons of zombie and monster that are going to kill you. Join in on a raid to get more awesome materials to craft a more powerful weapon.


8. My Hero Academia (8GB)

Action Open world games, where you will play as the character in My Hero Academia series. You will roam around as either hero or villains, and use your quirks to battle against your enemies. The game is a multiplayer RPG game, where you can do missions, or compete against other players in a battle of skills.


9. Lineage 2M

NCSoft prides itself on being one of the first games to implement full 3D in 4K high definition for mobile devices. The armour patterns that detail the character expressions are also available in the game, where players can achieve the highest degree of graphic quality and enjoy the game’s awesome scenery.


10. Tower of Fantasy – (12GB)

Tower of Fantasy is one of the game that might keep getting a huge deal of update. Developed by Hotta Studio and Level Infinite, the game is probably one of the newest mobile games in 2023. Similar to Genshin Impact, the game offer a high quality graphic, open world RPG games, and good world exploration feature.


11. Undawn (10 GB)

Undawn is a realistic open-world survival game, powered by the Unreal Engine 4, that requires 10GB of storage space. In this game, players must navigate through different natural environments and extreme weather conditions while managing vital factors such as hunger, energy, health, hydration, and emotions.

The gameplay is highly interactive and immersive, with a captivating storyline that takes players on a journey through abandoned cities and wilderness areas where they can scavenge for supplies, hunt, and collect resources. Additionally, players can engage in combat using a variety of weapons, including guns, cold weapons, mines, traps, and more, to defend themselves against enemies and take over strongholds and camps.


12. Diablo Immortal (21 GB)

Diablo Immortal is a mobile action role-playing game that takes place between the events of Diablo II and III. Players explore Sanctuary, a dark realm where angels and demons fight for control, and join forces with others to collect fragments of the corrupted Worldstone to prevent the Lord of Terror’s return. The game features customizable characters and gear, six iconic classes, and the ability to gain new abilities and level up weapons.


13. Joy of Life (8GB)

The game is a 3D action MMORPG for mobile phones, adapted from a Chinese martial arts novel and famous Chinese series such as “Dare to Challenge Fate: The Joy of Life.” Players choose familiar characters to explore the world of martial arts, filled with intense and exciting stories.

The game maintains the original storytelling style through main quests, daily missions, 1v1/5v5 battle systems, dungeon challenges, puzzle exploration, light skills, vehicle systems, skill acquisition through unlocking grimoires, challenge towers, and more. There are six weapon types to choose from: kill swords, zithers, dual knives, twin swords, sabers, and staffs.


There you have it, some of the biggest size game on android. There are so many games that have bigger sizes nowadays that can be compared with PC or console games. Usually, this type of game will need a more mid-high end device, but you can solve this by using an emulator on PC, we recommend you guys to use LDPlayers, one of the most lightweight emulators on android that you can use for free without any problem. Download it now by using this link here!

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