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Looking for the best characters in Idoly Pride? You’re in the right place! Our Idoly Pride tier list breaks down all the characters into tiers, with S being the best and D being the least effective. We’ll keep it up-to-date with new characters and balance changes, so be sure to bookmark this page for reference.

Idoly Pride: Idol Manager is a mobile game where you step into the shoes of a manager for a group of budding idols. Organize shows, manage your performers’ routines, and unlock new venues and resources as you succeed.

Idoly Pride Tier List

S Tier – The Best:

  • Aoi Igawa (Eternity Sworn on the Ring)
  • Chisa Shiraishi (A Handful of Courage)
  • Chisa Shiraishi (Beacon of Confidence)
  • Ichinose Rei (Not Afraid of Failure)
  • Mana Nagase (Just Holding Hands)
  • Rui Amado (White Breathing Holy Night)
  • Saeki Haruko (Dependable Older Sister)
  • Saki Shiraishi (Passion Hidden in the Heart)
  • Saki Shiraishi (Solid Pride)
  • Sakura Kawasaki (Dream Collaboration)
  • Sakura Kawasaki – So That I Can Be Your Light
  • Tendo Rui (Just the Way You Are)

Character List:

  • Chisa Shiraishi
  • Haruko Saeki
  • Kotono Nagase
  • Mei Hayasaka
  • Nagisa Ibuki
  • Rei Ichinose
  • Rio Kanzaki
  • Saki Shiraishi
  • Sakura Kawasaki
  • Shizuku Hyodo
  • Suzu Narumiya

How Did We Decide on the Rankings?

We consider our gameplay experience and insights from the game community to cater to various playstyles.

When Do We Update Our Tier List?

We update regularly for new characters and rebalances.

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Idoly PrideTier List
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