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Anime World Tower Defense Tier List – Are you diving into Anime World Tower Defense and feeling lost with all the characters? We’ve got you covered! Our guide breaks down the current character tier list, making it easy for you to pick the strongest ones and dominate the game.

Anime World Tower Defense is a thrilling action game on Roblox, playable on PC, Android, and iOS. With a wide array of characters to collect, this game offers an exciting experience. For more details on the lore and the game itself, check out the official page.

Anime World Tower Defense Tier List


  • Barust
  • Capsule Girl
  • Cotaro
  • Dark Hollow
  • Dragon Eye
  • Manala
  • Purgatory
  • Red Archer
  • Red Hair
  • Unlimited


  • Hoku
  • Jonos
  • Kasuke
  • Konghan
  • Kongkun
  • Pink Hair Boy
  • Shizaku
  • Silent
  • Soul Panther
  • Todororo
  • Veshita


  • Charuto
  • Hunter Kid
  • Killer
  • Kroly
  • Pane
  • Ruffy
  • Salo
  • Sanjiro
  • Takashi
  • Veshita


  • Arter
  • Beast Mask
  • Black LegBlossom
  • Koolin
  • Misuko
  • One Eye Monster
  • Psychic Boy
  • Tobara
  • Virtual Swordsman
  • Almon
  • Koji
  • Uchigo
  • Vuno

How Many Characters Are There In Anime World Tower Defense?

Anime World Tower Defense boasts over 40 characters, and the roster is expected to grow with future updates. Stay tuned as we update our guide with each new character release.

Understanding Our Tiers:

  • S Tier List: The cream of the crop! These characters are the strongest in terms of abilities. Aim to snag an S-tier character as soon as possible for optimal gameplay.
  • A Tier List: Fantastic characters that serve as great alternatives if you miss out on an S-tier. They can complement S-tier characters and help you breeze through content.
  • B Tier List: Not the strongest, but decent fillers early in the game. Use them as support to assist your A-tier and S-tier characters.
  • C Tier List: Best to avoid including these characters in your party, especially if you want to efficiently clear content.
  • D Tier List: Not worth upgrading or using at all – steer clear of these characters.

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