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A few months back, Devsisters excited Cookie Run fans by announcing three new titles in the franchise, and one of them is Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures. This 3D, real-time, co-op action game is currently on display at G-STAR 2023, available for a hands-on demo. But don’t worry if you’re not at the event – a global playtest has kicked off on Google Play Games with our Cookie Run Tower of Adventure Download Link!

Whether you’re at G-STAR or on your Android phone, you can dive into the fun of Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure. The global playtest includes two questline chapters, Jelly Forest and Caves, for solo play or teaming up with a friend in co-op mode. And if you’re up for a challenge, Raid Mode awaits, where four players join forces for an epic boss battle.

Cookie Run Tower of Adventure Download Link, Boss Raid, and Story Mode

Embark on the Story Mode adventure as you aim to conquer the Pancake Tower. Each stage is packed with foes, and defeating them all is the key to unlocking the tower’s deepest secrets. Expect a variety of challenges, unique monsters, hidden jelly bears, and plenty of treasure chests to make each chapter feel different from the last.

If you’re looking for quick rewards, Raid Mode is the way to go. Team up with three other players to take down powerful bosses and earn rare goodies. Teamwork and communication are crucial, and the game makes it easy with an emoticon system for sharing locations and making plans. No need to worry about running out of energy – Cookies can be revived!

Six playable Cookies await you in the beta, each with unique attributes for a diverse gaming experience. Additionally, take advantage of 12 artifacts that significantly boost your Cookie’s powers. Ready to join the adventure? Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures is available on Google Play until November 26th.

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