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Payday 3 Weapons Tier List – Looking for the scoop on Payday 3 weapons? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re diving into the weapons in Payday 3 to help you figure out which ones are the real MVPs. Payday 3 has finally arrived, bringing us the next chapter in the epic heist game series. Unlike its predecessors, Payday 3 lets you enjoy the action whether you’re flying solo or teaming up for some co-op chaos. Grab your gear, throw on your mask, and get ready for a whole new set of diverse and exciting heists, with tons of customization options to boot.

Payday 3 Weapons Tier List:


  • SA A144
  • FIK PC9
  • Northwest B-9
  • SP Model 11


  • Signature 40
  • Signature 403
  • J&M Castigo 44
  • Ziv Commando
  • VF-7S


  • CAR-4
  • Reinfeld 880
  • Stryk 7
  • SG Compact-7


  • KU-59
  • Mosconi 12 Classic
  • Reinfeld 900S


  • Sforza Bison

Wondering why we ranked them this way? Our ranks are based on research and personal experience, so it’s a bit subjective. While we think this list is top-tier, you might have a different take. And when can you expect updates? We’ll keep our tiers fresh as updates roll in, changing the game’s power balance or adding new weapons.

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