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Maximize Moonlight Cookie’s strength with this guide to choosing the right toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom. Moonlight Cookie is a magic-type legendary cookie created by ancient wizards to protect the City of Wizards. This guide recommends the best toppings for her and provides information about her skills and backstory, including her ability to draw in the night sky with her Star friends while in her dreams.

Moonlight Cookie Topping Build:

To enhance Moonlight Cookie’s abilities in Cookie Run Kingdom, it’s advised to use the X5 Solid Almond Toppings to boost her DMG resistance and durability. You can also opt to add the X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings to reduce her skill cooldown. For optimal stats, make sure to use Moonlight Toppings of solid almond or swift choco. Here are the recommended toppings for Moonlight Cookie:

  • X5 Solid Almond Toppings (Tank Build)
  • X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Cooldown buildl)

Moonlight Cookie is a legendary magic-type cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, with powerful skills that involve putting enemies to sleep and dealing damage. She is not susceptible to the Beckoning Dreams effect and restores her own HP upon awakening from sleep.

To optimize her performance, it is recommended to use X5 Solid Almond Toppings and X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings, along with Moonlight Toppings of solid almond or swift choco for better stats.

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