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MangaDex is having a problem, and there are many people that are trying to get their daily dose of Internet Manga and Manhwa. For those that are currently trying to find an alternative for MangaDex, today we will give you some of the best alternative Manga Reader Apps for Mangadex. Check out this lists below!

1. Webtoon

Probably one of the most popular manga reader apps that provides a high quality translation and image. Most of the webtoon available in the internet are available here, and there are some exclusive series that are pretty interesting when you read them. Personally I love this app, and it is free.


2. MangaToon

MangaToon is an app for manhwa lover. However for those that loves actions and shounen manga, you might want to stay out of this one. Because mostly MangaToon provides yaoi, romance, Slice of life type of manga to their readers. This manga reader apps is suitable for those that loves villainous type of Korean Manhwa.


3. Tachiyomi

With this manga reader apps, users will be able to install the apps, add the site that are available, and then read it by using this apps. You can also set notification for each and every manga that you read when they are updated. There are plenty of Manga site that you can explore, and you can use it for free. Sadly, The app is only available in Github and users might need to install the APK first. But the app is very safe, and there are no problem personally.


4. Tapas

Tapas one of the most updated and the most trusted translation for those that loves manhwa. Sadly Tapas needs to be paid coins to support their creators. However do note that Tapas has the most updated manhwa, even those that hasn’t been released yet. So for those that loves manhwa and wanted to read one faster, Tapas is what you need.


5. MangaPlus

Manga plus is one of the best shounen manga reading apps for those that love action. Where player will be able to find bunch of different type of manga title such as One Piece, Boruto, Black Clover, and even the previous series like Naruto. Users can read, Comment, and bookmark the manga that they are reading currently without any problems, and the best thing is that you don’t need to sign in to read!


6. Manga Reader

Manga Reader – The Ultimate Manga App for Android phone and tablet users. where users can read and download thousands of manga for FREE WITHOUT ANY LIMIT! It collects 20+ manga sources into one application, include mangahere, mangareader, batoto, mangapanda, kissmanga, mangago, mangatown, readmanga, etc. and allow you stream on different libraries simultaneously. You can choose which one to use, and you can create or delete your libraries.


7. MangaZone

There are tens and thousand of manga that you can read by using this apps. For those tha tloves a high quality reads, with a simple UI. MangaZone is definitely your choice!


8. Kotatsu

Kotatsu: Kotatsu is another popular open-source manga reader for Android. It offers a user-friendly interface, support for various manga sources, and features like offline reading, bookmarking, and notifications for new chapters. You can download the Kotatsu app from the Google Play Store or install it directly from the GitHub repository.


Hopefully Mangadex will be available after a short break from their hacking incidents. In the future, we hope to provide you another article like this one. So if this article help you, please like our facebook page to support us!

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