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If you are a fan of the MOBA games Mobile Legends developed by Moonton, you may already be aware that the MOBA games. The game has collaborated with many things, but until now, there hasn’t been any anime collaboration, with the most recent being Hello Kitty Sanrio.

Surprisingly, many people have been waiting for Mobile Legends x Anime Skins in Mobile Legends, particularly One Piece, and some have even created a mod that transforms some of the skins in Mobile Legends hero into those of the anime character.

Of course, this is not acceptable by Moonton, and players who modded the Mobile Legends game risk being banned, so it is not recommended, but for those who are interested, here are some fan-made One Piece skins in the Mobile Legends MOBA game.

Fan-Made One Piece Skins in Mobile Legends

1. Badang x Luffy

This skin is made Ketsuke Official. Here you can find Luffy in a hero called Badang in Mobile Legends. Luffy has a skill called Gomu-Gomu no Gattling Gun which is very similar to Badang Ultimate skills, and his Second Skills is also very similar to Gomu-Gomu no Bazoka. So it is no wonder that Luffy has becomes Mobile Legends Badang.

2. Yu Zhong x Kaido

This skin is made Ketsuke Official. Since we had already known that Kaido has an Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu that enables him to evolve into a dragon, it is no wonder that fans had made Yu Zhong that has a similar ability with Kaido into skins. The skin is awesome, that it evolves Yu Zhong into half dragon half human that could destroy anything it touches.

3. Chou x Sanji

This skin is made Ketsuke Official. Chou has the ability to crowd control their players by using his kung fu likeability mainly using his legs as his main weapon. This is very much similar to Sanji that mainly uses his legs to deal damage to his opponents. This skin is made Ketsuke Official.

4. Saber x Roronoa Zoro

This is a skin script made by Ketsuke official that change Saber into Roronoa Zoro after 2 years time skip. This skin will not only change Saber swords colour into green but also change its skill icon into Zoro skills making it pretty cool skin to use for the assassin hero.

5. Franco x Blackbeard

This is a skin script made by Ketsuke Official that change Franco into Blackbeard. Franco has the ability to hook someone and force them to come in front of him, while Blackbeard has the ability to suck something in front of him which is similar in a sense, there are also skill effect changes that makes all of Franco abilities into black hole like thing.

6. Roger x Rob Lucci

This is a skin script made by Ketsuke Official, where players will be able to use Roger as Rob Lucci that has a similar ability to change from human to beast. This is one well-made skins that change most of the hero including skill effect and skill icon into that are suited for Rob Lucy.

7. Akai x Jinbei

Akai is getting a Jinbei skin by fans, the said Tank that will be getting a revamp really suit the pirate warrior. The skill effect is getting some changes with it that are suited for Jinbei with his water skill. The skin is very well made.

Again, these skin above are not officially made by Moonton, and if you do download the script, you might get the wrath of Moonton and get banned because of it. This article is not made to encourage other to use the skins, but to let you know that there are fan made skins in Mobile legends that interestingly not that bad.

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