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Welcome to our comprehensive 7DS Grand Cross tier list! In this article, we will provide you with a complete list of every character in the game, including the limited ones, and rank them based on their usefulness and power.

As a constantly evolving gacha RPG, we strive to keep this list up to date with every new update and adjustment on the global server. So, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player looking to build a powerful team, our tier list will guide you in the right direction.

Before we get started, we want to remind you that the characters are sorted from SS-tier to D-tier, with SS-tier being the most powerful and D-tier being the least powerful. Let’s dive right in!

7DS Grand Cross Tier List


  • [The Seven Deadly Sins] Transcendent Ban
  • [Future of Liones] Prince Tristan
  • [The Four Archangels] Mael of Sunshine
  • [Spring Fantasy] Goddess Elizabeth
  • [Mad Dog] Eris Boreas Greyrat
  • [Sweet Jelly] New Wing King
  • [Cursed Shackles] Purgatory Meliodas
  • [Spellbinding Queen] Goddess of Beauty Freyja
  • Fairy King Harlequin
  • [Fire of Life] “Ultimate” Escanor
  • Cusack
  • [Last Philosopher] Mage of Infinity Merlin
  • [Origin Fragment] Highest-ranking Demon Chandler
  • Chandler
  • Blue Ludociel
  • Blue “Festival” Ludociel
  • Blue Goddess Elizabeth
  • Blue “The One” Escanor
  • Witch of Greed Echidna
  • Green “Festival” Gowther
  • Green “Halloween” Gowther
  • Red Gowther
  • Green “Assault Mode” Meliodas
  • Red Purgatory Ban
  • Red Lostvayne Meliodas
  • Green “Festival” Merlin
  • Red Zeldris
  • Prince of Darkness Zeldris
  • Red Sariel
  • Blue Tarmiel


  • [Summer Mirage] Goddess of Beauty Freyja
  • [MAVE]: Lead Vocalist Zena
  • Sun God Freyr
  • [Vengeful Saw Blade] Roxy of Madness
  • The Ruler – Tyrant Demon King
  • [Otherworldly Reincarnation] Rudeus Greyrat
  • [Water King-Class Magician] Roxy Migurdia
  • [Pride of Valhalla] Valkyrie Megellda
  • [The Four Archangels] Mael of Sunshine
  • [Gift of Happiness] Knight of Danafor Liz
  • Red Derieri
  • Blue Eleven
  • Terry
  • Blue Emilia
  • Green Escanor
  • Green Estarossa
  • Green Demon Hendrickson
  • Blue King
  • Blue New Wings King
  • Red Kyo
  • Blue Lilia
  • Prince Sigurd
  • Blue “Summer” Merlin
  • Green Merlin
  • Green Ram
  • Red Rem
  • Red “Halloween” Matrona
  • Green “Halloween” Roxy
  • Green Shin
  • Green MK-II Valenti
  • Green Zeldris
  • Red Excalibur Arthur


  • [Indomitable Will] God of War Tyr
  • [Gift of the White Snow] Valenti of Obsession
  • [Sword King] Ghislaine Dedoldia
  • [Full Moon’s Shadow] Mono of Blood and Iron
  • [Shield Hero] Iwatani Naofumi
  • The Master Swordsman Reinhard
  • Wanderer Thonar
  • Brunhild
  • Blue New King Arthur
  • Blue Nunchuck Ban
  • Red Denzel
  • Blue Derieri
  • Green Derieri
  • Green Diane
  • Blue Drole
  • Green Drole
  • [Spooky Party] Eastin of Authority
  • Red Gloxinia
  • Red Guardian Jericho
  • Blue Demon Meliodas
  • Red Jim
  • Red Demon Meliodas
  • Red Merlin
  • Green Mono
  • Green Monspeet
  • Green Will
  • Blue Zeldris
  • Divine Proxy] Ludociel of Flash


  • Green Allioni
  • Green Nunchuck Ban
  • Red Nunchuck Ban
  • Blue Beatrice
  • Megellda
  • Green Cain
  • Red Camila
  • Green Deathpierce
  • Blue Giant Diane
  • Green Giant Diane
  • Red Wedding Diane
  • Red Dogedo
  • Red Dreyfus
  • Red Eastin
  • Blue Elaine
  • Red Elizabeth
  • Red Hawk & Elizabeth
  • Red Estarossa
  • Blue Galland
  • Red Galland
  • Blue Gilthunder
  • Green Gloxinia
  • Green Hendrickson
  • Blue Jericho
  • Green Jericho
  • Green Demon Meliodas
  • Red Monspeet
  • Red Oslo & Hawk
  • Red Shin
  • Red Twingo
  • Green Zaratras


  • Blue Arthur
  • Blue Ban
  • Red Ban
  • Green Ban
  • Blue Bellion
  • Red Benimaru
  • Blue Diane
  • Red Diane
  • Red Giant Diane
  • Green Dreyfus
  • Green Elaine
  • Red Christmas Elaine
  • Blue Princess Elizabeth
  • Red Princess Elizabeth
  • Green Gerharde
  • Red Gilthunder
  • Blue Gowther
  • Green Giramore
  • Green Guila
  • Blue Hendrickson
  • Blue Howzer
  • Blue Jenna
  • Blue Old Fart King
  • Green Old Fart King
  • Red Old Fart King
  • Blue Matrona
  • Red Simon
  • Red Taizoo
  • Red Meliodas
  • Green Rimuru
  • Red Roxy


  • Blue Arden
  • Blue Freesia
  • Blue Griamore
  • Green Howzer
  • Green Hugo
  • Red Jude

7DS Reroll Guide

Here’s the tip: We suggest utilizing the LDPlayer Emulator for to make it easier to reroll, as it offers a multi-instance feature to increase your gameplay. You can download the emulator from [the specified link]. Once you have downloaded and installed the LDPlayer, select the “Multi-Instance” option to open multiple android emulators, as your device allows. Then, proceed with the 7DS gacha reroll guide.

Here is the Guide to 7DS’s gacha reroll:

  • Uninstall 7DS Reinstall the game here
  • In the Account section below the home screen, press sign in as a guest
  • Play until you finish the tutorial
  • Gacha your character
  • Reinstall and repeat until you get a tier S character.

In 7DS, one can only hope that sufficient rerolls will allow one to assemble an awesome team. We wish you that you can get the best character in the game.

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