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If you are unfamiliar, a new mobile marvel game was recently published with a new mobile game called Marvel Snap, and this article will provide a tier list of each characters in the game for Android and iOS devices. Our website’s Marvel Snap Tier List will assist you in finding the greatest characters in the new Hero Collection game. With tier S as the highest tier and tier D as the lowest.

The new card game Marvel Snap is based on the world of superheroes. Here, users can gather numerous cards, assemble a team of their favourite heroes, and compete in real time against adversaries or other players. Without further ado, here is the Marvel Snap Tier List for those who are new to the game.

Marvel Snap Tier List:

Marvel Snap Tier List

Here is a tier list of the best characters from the hero collection game Marvel Snap. With Tier S being the strongest and Tier D being the weakest. If you do not agree, please provide information to our site and the reason so that we can consider the tier list and update it.

Marvel Snap Cards Pool One Tier List:

  • Tier S: Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Ka-zar, Onslaught, Odin, Nightcrawler, Jessica Jones, Lady Sif, Apocalypse, Black Panther
  • Tier A: Wolfsbane, White Tiger, Ant-Man, America Chavez, Carnage, Ironheart, Devil Dinosaur, Enchantress, Klaw, Gamora, Spider Woman, Scarlet Witch
  • Tier B: Sentinel, Spectrum, Professor X, Yondu, Armor, Mister Fantastic, Captain America, The Punisher, Nova, Deathlok, Cable, Blade, Cosmo, Elektra, Moon Girl, Namor, Squirrel Girl
  • Tier C: Korg, Carnage, Sword Master, Lizard, Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Wolverine, Hulkbuster, Forge, Morph, Strong Guy, Medusa, Mantis, Hawkeye, Uatu the Watcher
  • Tier D: Abomination, Iron Fist, Multiple Man, Heimdall, Kraven, Domino, Quicksilver, Cyclops, The Thing, Misty Knight

Marvel Snap Cards Pool Two Tier List:

  • Tier S: Bucky Barnes, Hobgoblin, Jubilee
  • Tier A: Sunspot, Iceman, Scorpion, The Infinaut, Storm
  • Tier B: Sabretooth, Swarm, Sandman, Nakia, Cloak, Ebony Maw, Vulture, Leech, Agent 13, Vision
  • Tier C: Leech, The Collector, Morbius, Shang-Chi
  • Tier D: Rhino

Marvel Snap Cards Pool Three Tier List:

  • Tier S: Mister Negative, Sera, Lockjaw, Wong, Wave, Deadpool, Mystique, Doctor Doom, The Hood, Patriot, Rescue, Aero, Brood, She-Hulk, Kitty Pryde, Silver-Surfer, Zabu
  • Tier A: Magik, Destroyer, Mysterio, Thor, Dracula, Hazmat, Colleen Wing, Debrii, Hela, Rogue, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Electro, Gambit, Venom, Cerebro, Absorbing Man
  • Tier B: Nick Fury, Ultron, Hell Cow, Beast, Maximus, Psylocke, Black Widow, Brood, Gambit, Magneto, Moon Knight, Zero, Task Master, Jane Foster, Goose, Leader, Mojo, Agent Coulson, Helicarrier
  • Tier C: Baron Mordo, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Juggernaut, Ronan the Accuser, Typhoid Mary, Rockslide, Black Bolt, Maria Hill
  • Tier D: Falcon, Giganto, Doctor Octopus, Dagger, Quinjet, Viper, Black Cat, Kingpin, Crystal, Crossbones, Quake, Omega Red, Drax, Yellowjacket, Agatha Harkness, M’Baku

Marvel Snap Cards Pool 4 Tier List:

  • Tier S: Shuri, Knull
  • Tier A: Attuma, Bast, Luke Cage, Valkyrie
  • Tier B: The Sentry, Shadow King, Stature, Spider-Man 2099
  • Tier C: Ghost, Sauron, Dazzler, Shanna, Attuma, Orka, Super-Skrull
  • Tier D: Snowguard

Marvel Snap Cards Pool 5 Tier List:

  • Tier S: Galactus, Thanos, Iron Lad, High Evolutionary
  • Tier A: Jeff the Baby Shark, Hit-Monkey, The Living Tribunal, Kang, Hit-Monkey, Spider-Pig
  • Tier B: Stegron
  • Tier C: Howard the Duck
  • Tier D: N/A

Marvel Snap Meta Decks Tier List:

  • Tier S: Deathpool, Sera Zero, Patriot, Destroyer
  • Tier A: On Reveal Lockjaw, Zero, Wongoing Spectrum
  • Tier B: Wong On Reveal, Control, Mister Negative Magik
  • Tier C: Field Movement, Dracula High Cost, Hela Sandman

Explanation of Each Tier Marvel Snap Above:

Marvel Snap Tier List


  • The best character in this game. This character is the main character that you must grind to get, and level up so that you can complete stages easily.


  • This character is suitable to be included in the game as a filler if you don’t have tier S in your party.


  • This character can be used in the early game, especially if you don’t have other characters. But don’t give important resources to characters in this tier.


  • The difference between C and D is that several modes in the game that can be played generally can use C-tier characters as filler to kill enemies. However, C Tier Characters will not be as useful as A Tier and above.


  • Characters that are not recommended for use.

How to Reroll Gacha Marvel Snap:

We recommend that you use the emulator to make it easier to reroll several times because it has a multi-instance feature to find the team composition you want. One of them is in the LDPlayer Emulator which can be downloaded at [the following link]!

After downloading and installing LDPLayer, press Multi-Instance which will allow you to open as many android emulators as your PC or laptop can. Then follow the Marvel Snap gacha reroll guide below!

Here is the Guide to Marvel Snap’s gacha reroll:

  • Uninstall Marvel Snap Reinstall the game here
  • In the Account section below the home screen, press sign in as guest
  • Create your character
  • Complete Tutorial
  • Gacha Character until the character you want to get
  • Repeat if it doesn’t work

In Marvel Snap, one can only hope that sufficient rerolls will allow one to assemble an awesome team. We wish you luck.

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