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Welcome to Boba Story, the fun and adorable mobile game where you can run your very own boba shop! If you’re feeling strapped for cash or struggling to make progress, our Boba Story codes list can help.

In this guide, we’ve gathered the latest codes that you can redeem in-game for free items that will aid you on your boba-making journey. With a variety of toppings, flavors, and cute lids to choose from, you can create the perfect boba drinks and decorate your shop with brand-new furniture. Join us in introducing boba to the kingdom and enjoy the perks of our exclusive codes.

December Updates

Boba Story Codes – December 2023

  • 4053 – Strawberry Cow Lid
  • 4555 – Unicorn Lid
  • 4151 – Pink Frog Lid
  • 4522 – Blueberry Cow Lid
  • 4512 – Moon Lid
  • 4133 – Lily Pad Lid
  • 3215 – Space Lid
  • 3132 – Green Dino Lid
  • 3225 – Pink Dino Lid
  • 3224 – Panda Lid
  • 3441 – Carousel Lid
  • 1000 – Bee Lid
  • 4000 – Fish Lid
  • 4110 – Heart Pattern Lid
  • 1110 – Cookie Lid
  • 2000 – Peach Lid
  • 2200 – Chick Lid
  • 3000 – Rose Lid
  • 5000 – Cupcake Lid
  • 2110 – Puppy Lid
  • 5100 – Ladybug Lid
  • 5010 – Pig Lid
  • 1131 – Mermaid Tail Lid
  • 1141 – Crystal Lid
  • 2211 – Flower Print Lid
  • 2201 – Turtle Lid
  • 4111 – Pineapple Lid
  • 3331 – Brown Frog Lid
  • 1221 – Jellyfish Lid
  • 2111 – Red Panda Lid
  • 2221 – Purple Cat Lid

How to Use the Codes?

Redeeming Boba Story codes is a breeze! To help simplify the process, we’ve broken it down into a few easy steps:

  1. Launch the Boba Story app.
  2. Visit the Merchant within the game.
  3. Enter one of the codes provided in this guide
  4. The item will be available immediately.

Can’t redeem the codes?

There could be a few reasons why your code isn’t working as intended. Firstly, it’s possible that the code has expired, as many codes do have an expiration date. Although we strive to keep our codes list up-to-date, it’s still possible for some expired codes to slip through the cracks.

Another possibility is that you may have already redeemed the code. Generally, a code can only be used once per account, so if you’ve already redeemed it, it won’t work again. We recommend keeping track of the codes you’ve redeemed to avoid any confusion.

Where can I Find More codes to redeem?

If you’re looking for more codes, we’ve got you covered. We update our article every time a new code is released, so bookmark this page and check back often to stay on top of the latest codes. Additionally, consider following the official Facebook and Twitter accounts, or joining the Discord community. Developers often give out codes over social media and may offer different codes on each platform, so following all channels is a great way to ensure you never miss out on a freebie.

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