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Aiming Inc. has dropped a fresh update for the action-packed RPG “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle” (DanChro), inviting players to embark on the “Following the Sword Princess’ Footsteps” adventure. In this quest, players join Bell and Lefiya as they witness Ais Wallenstein’s attacking adventure. The catch? Survival hinges on teamwork as players explore uncharted territory.

The event is live in DanChro, and logging in rewards players with 3,000 Selas, equivalent to 10 consecutive Gacha pulls. The focus is on Ais Wallenstein, the revered Sword Princess, a first-class adventurer in Orario’s labyrinth city.

Lefiya and Bell, admirers of Ais, stumble upon her during a mysterious meeting with a middle-aged adventurer in the dungeon. Without a second thought, they decide to follow the Sword Princess deeper into the dungeon.

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Both adventurers get a wardrobe upgrade for this journey. Bell sports sleek black combat attire, while Lefiya dons a black mage costume. Realis-Pursuing White Rabbit: Bell Cranel boasts techniques and special moves that amplify damage by consuming Realis charges. A Fairy Heart’s Desire: Lefiya Viridis can heal, boost Water attribute damage, and grant Realis to allies.

Act fast to grab these new characters, available for a limited time. Explore their special episodes for added excitement. The update also includes events like a 1-draw Gacha offering up to 160 free pulls and a login bonus with UR character Gacha tickets.

Ready for the Sword Princess adventure? Download DanMachi: Battle Chronicle now and dive into the action!

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