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If you’re a fan of Harvest Town, the Harvest Moon mobile game, you’ll know that there’s a redeem codes option where players can get a variety of free items by entering the code. Coins, Diamonds, Building Packs, Potion, Revival Grass, and many other items are available. If you’re looking for new Harvest Town gift codes, look no further because we’ll give you some of the most recent and active gift codes today!

Working Harvest Town Redeem Codes:

Update: 2024

  • 1139a0001e10c518
  • 1138a000189c62a8

Here are other Harvest Town Redeem codes that ‘might’ work:

  • 929a1856ed50
  • 909a10093fb8
  • 928a1856ea80
  • 908a1f3a1678
  • 932a1037df00
  • 907a1fefa600
  • 906a1ffe2e78

Note: Immediately redeem the codes after finding the codes because it might expire after some times.

How to Redeem Harvest Town Codes:

Harvest Town Codes

If you didn’t know how to redeem the code for Harvest Town game, then here is the step by step tutorial on how to redeem the Harvest Town Redeem codes:

  • Open Harvest Town games on your phone
  • After the load screen, tap the menu button on the left side of the game screen
  • Tap on the setting icon in the menu that pops up
  • Enter the codes from the article above
  • Tap on the claim button to collect the rewards
  • The rewards will immediately be sent to your game.

About Harvest Town:

Harvest Town is a Harvest Moon-style mobile game similar to Stardew Valley. It is a simulation game in which players can live in a farming town and enjoy the way of life there. Players will be able to care for crops and animals, as well as fit in and form relationships within the community. The game is very relaxing, casual, and enjoyable to play.

Harvest Town is a pixel-styled simulation mobile game. It allows for a lot of freedom and combines various RPG elements to create a realistic and fascinating rural life. Harvest Town is more than just a simulation game; we added RPG, Puzzle, and interactive elements to the game! Harvest town was grey before you arrived, so please use your hands to colour it now!

Harvest town is available on Android Google Play Store, iOS App Store, or PC by using the emulator.

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