By Jay / / 2022 Android Games – Dress Up games, is a casual game suited for children, but many adults are playing the dress up games. The casual and simple gameplay is fun whenever you want to play them. Unlike RPG, Strategy, or any simulator game, you don’t need to think to play this type of game, there’s only a fun time. So, now for those that are interested in Dress up games, here are some of the best games that you can download for free on android.

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Play Dress Up Games for Girls on PC 2024!

Here we recommend you to use LDPlayers, one of the best lightweight Android emulators on PC. You can download it for free. The lowest setting only needs you to have Windows XP with 2GB RAM. Here is the full spec:

  • Specification for Intel and AMD Processor differs x86 / x64
  • You will need Windows XP XP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10
  • Your PC/Laptop should support OpenGL 2.0
  • It will need RAM: 2GB
  • Hard disk space: 36GB
  • Intel VT-x/ AMD-V

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1. CustomTiyoko

This is a dress-up game in which you can freely customize the character “Tiyoko,” which was created by the illustrator “Yuri Takahashi.” When you’ve decided on your favourite combination, photograph it and use it as a smartphone wallpaper or upload it to SNS! It is acceptable to use the image you created for the SNS icon, etc. We would be grateful if you could use a variety of images to inform your friends about our application!


2. Fashion Show

If you’re looking for dress-up or makeup games in which you can dress up a cute princess and make her look better in a make-up salon, you’ve come to the right place. This is one of the most original dress-up games. Using the game, you can learn how to create your own fashion profile. You will never get tired of playing the stylist and designer game with different princess girl characters because there is always a new model character to play with. Prepare to give the princess or doll character a complete fashion makeover.


3. Queen’s Diary

Queen’s Diary is unique merge gameplay where you will change the life of an uninteresting girl into a hottie. Here you can collect outfits and clothes, make your own OOTD, and play around with fancy clothes to become the best stylist. The game is easy to play, easy to mix and match the outfit that you wanted with a unique charismatic character. The game also has a cool story for its players.


4. Vlinder Princess

Vlinder Princess is a dress up game if you love a cute anime character. Here you can create your own avatar that suits the style that you want, design them into your liking, and dress them up with any outfit that you want. You can also make your own dress and anime girl’s character in the game.


5. Fashion Battle – Dress to win

Fashion Battle is a TikTok ad game in which you must walk around and find the best dress to be the best in the runaway. There are specific concepts that you must fulfil, and each concept will help you to be the best. Here you can wear bikinis, late-night dresses, and a variety of accessories to become the best fashionista to ever walk the runway.


6. YOYO Doll

YOYO Doll is a dress up and character maker offline game, where you could create the best and cutest doll whatever you want. Get the best outfit to roam around your house, with various of different dresses from court dress, lolita, businesswoman and many more. The outfit can be mixed and match whatever you wanted to create the best look.


7. Girl Squad

If you enjoy BFF makeover, beauty, and styling games, you should check out this new dress-up app for young fashionistas. You can choose a model’s race and assemble glam outfits from a large wardrobe of luxurious, and stylish clothing. The clothing options are Huge: you can dress each character as an actress, movie star, fashion show superstar, runway celebrity model, or simply a cute shopaholic girl with a millionaire daddy.


8. Pinky Girl

Pinky Girl is a dress up game where You can always find what you like, along with fashions from your wildest dreams, whether you are a princess of the ball, a cool trendy fashionista, or a domineering lady. Dress the character and help her make friends and be popular.


9. Catwalk Battle

Catwalk battle is a dress up game where you can find every outfit from charming, sex, to fashion and holiday costume to help you find the best dress ever. The game has many themes that you can explore from Christmas, Casual, to Rock and Roll with a variety of clothing available. Here you can pick the best outfit that suits the theme and start your dress up career.


10. Moon’s Closet

Create your own anime girls avatar with Moon closet? Dress them up with exclusive fashion and make-up items, and make your own kawaii phone wallpaper. Have fun with it and share it with your friends. You’ll never get tired of the limitless possibilities for creating unique anime gothic characters. Girls will enjoy this make-up game; don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic game. If you enjoy dressing up the manga, anime characters, or chibi goth and pastel girls, this game is for you.


11. Momo’s Dressup

Momo Dree up is a Dress up game where you can customize your doll in cute and lovely clothes. There are many fashion items from wigs, blouses, skirts, shoes, and a plethora of other accessories are available. Mix and match various items to create your own look. Have fun dressing up your doll.

12. Life Makeover Global

Life Makeover is an unlimited dress-up and social simulation game in which you may create your own avatar, modify your dress-up and makeup, construct one-of-a-kind garments, build your own house, and chill with your besties!

You can customize your appearance in every facial feature and define your own attractiveness by choosing from a selection of skin tones and body shapes, expressing your personal beauty in the virtual world.


13. Gacha Studio

In the Gacha Studio app, players can craft personalized anime characters by selecting from a diverse range of clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. Both boys and girls have an extensive wardrobe to choose from. Once characters are designed, users can enter the Studio to create imaginative scenes, striking poses, and adding text bubbles with personalized messages.

The app offers over a hundred backgrounds for scene customization. Additionally, players can collect rare pets through a gacha system and train them in the Arena for added excitement. Enter the Gacha Studio for a creative and entertaining experience!


14. Hello Kitty Fashion Star

In “Hello Kitty Fashion Star,” players step into Hello Kitty’s fashion boutique to create trendy looks and make the shop a social media sensation. Dress up clients in adorable Hello Kitty and Friends outfits, styling looks based on their preferences.

Level up by adding accessories, jewelry, and more. Complete style challenges by tailoring outfits to clients’ hashtag requests, impress them for Glamgram posts, and earn likes. Build a social media following, transform the boutique, and expand the collection by redeeming likes for new clothing items. Showcase your creativity and turn Hello Kitty’s boutique into a fabulous success!


15. Power Girls Super City

In “Power Girls Super City,” players become superheroes alongside Power Girls and their adorable pets to save Super City from monsters. Each Power Girl, like Blaze, Moana, and Flora, possesses unique superpowers, and they are accompanied by cute animal sidekicks.

Players must tackle various challenges like unblocking rivers, thawing ice, and addressing environmental issues caused by monsters. Additionally, the game involves styling superhero looks, organizing spa days, and cooking with superpowers. Enjoy the adventure, help creatures, and have fun with the Power Girls and their miraculous pets in this exciting superhero-themed game!


We hope that with this game list, you will be able to state your desire to play Dress up games. Also, Roonby had also released other game recommendations that you might want to check!

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