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Yuzu Emulator Early January Updates – The latest Yuzu Progress Report for Early January is here, packed with updates for Nintendo Switch emulator fans. If you’re not deeply into the emulator world, don’t fret! We’ve summarized the most exciting happenings in the Yuzu Emulator Progress Report.

5 Changes in Yuzu Emulator Early January

5 Changes in Yuzu Emulator Early January

1. Graphics and Driver Improvements:

Yuzu developers have been working hard to fix graphics issues and driver quirks. They encourage users to update to the latest drivers, bringing relief to those who faced crashes.

2. Game-Specific Improvements and Vulkan Progress:

The team swiftly tackled problems related to swizzle and window origin adjustments, fixing the cut-off screen issue in handheld mode. Super Mario 3D All-Stars saw optimization for non-NVIDIA and non-Mesa drivers, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Yuzu’s Vulkan renderer faced challenges affecting Android device performance, but the team optimized asynchronous presentation, reducing input lag. Fixes for games like Portal and Red Dead Redemption were implemented, ensuring compatibility with various drivers and GPUs.

3. Android-Specific Changes:

On the Android side, there are notable improvements. Byte addressed slow video decoding in games like Super Mario Odyssey, and a workaround was introduced for smooth Turnip driver use on Adreno 610 series GPUs. The introduction of Game Properties offers efficient management of individual game settings.

4. Project Leviathan and Miscellaneous Updates:

Project Leviathan, a rewrite of the HID code, aims to improve input emulation accuracy. HurricanePootis fixed Linux hardware permission issues, ensuring seamless Joy-Con and Pro Controller driver access.

Various core changes addressed user profile management, file system improvements, and fixes for specific game-related issues. UI configuration files now correctly save language selection. NVIDIA users can update their drivers, while AMD users’ crashes on RDNA1 hardware are reported for resolution.

5. Hardware Section and UI Fixes:

Qualcomm’s proprietary driver showcased impressive performance on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and Turnip’s support network expanded. Mali users experienced improvements, with hope for Panfrost/PanVK driver support for newer Mali hardware.

As we conclude this comprehensive progress report, the Yuzu Emulator team’s dedication shines through. Whether you’re an emulator pro or a newcomer, these updates promise a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. For more details, check out the official report.

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