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Get ready to jazz up your screen with a delightful assortment of 20 Teemo wallpapers! This compilation showcases the mischievous yordle in all his glory, featuring a mix of classic champion skins and vibrant fan art creations. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just looking to add a touch of explosive charm to your digital space, this collection has something special for everyone.

About Teemo League of Legends

Teemo, the adorable yet infuriating yordle from Bandle City, is a ranged AP (ability power) champion renowned for his guerilla tactics and potent poisonous traps. Here’s a rundown of his key characteristics:

Teemo excels at map control, vision denial, and harassing enemies with his DoT (damage over time) abilities. He thrives in the top lane, but can also be played in the jungle or mid lane for unexpected ganks and pressure. For those that are looking forwards to the hero, here are some of Teemo League of Legends Wallpaper to use.

20 Teemo League of Legends Wallpaper

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