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There are many third-party battery apps available on the Google Play Store, and they can offer more detailed information than the built-in settings. Some popular options include AccuBattery, Greenify, and Battery Doctor. These apps can track your battery usage over time, show you which apps are draining your battery the most, and even help you to save battery life. However here are some of the best Android Apps to Check your Battery Usage.

Android Apps to Check Battery Usage

1. Accu​Battery

AccuBattery is an app that helps you monitor and optimize your phone’s battery health and usage. It measures your battery’s actual capacity, tracks wear and tear, and shows you which apps are draining the most power. You can also use it to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device, and set charge alarms to prevent overcharging. The Pro version offers additional features like dark themes, historical data, and detailed battery statistics.

2. Battery Guru

Battery Guru is a battery monitoring tool. It tracks your phone’s power usage, health, and charging, offering insights like voltage, capacity, and app-by-app stats. You can set alarms for battery level, temperature, and high power draw, helping you optimize performance and maintain battery health.

3. Electron

While Electron offers valuable information about your battery. It functions as a monitoring tool, letting you delve into real-time health metrics like wear level, mAh capacity, charging status, technology, temperature, and voltage. You can track current and average power draw, and confirm battery presence. Electron offers insights for maintaining battery health and knowing when replacement might be needed.

4. Battery Widget % Level Plus

Battery Widget % Level Plus is a multi-functional app that goes beyond just showing your battery level. It offers six customizable widgets (in various sizes) displaying real-time battery percentage, charging info, temperature, and remaining charge time.

Plus, it boasts unique features like a “Best Signal Finder” map that helps you locate areas with strong signal to extend battery life, and a battery history graph to track usage patterns. You can also set custom alarms for various battery conditions and personalize the widget’s appearance with themes and fonts. Overall, it’s a comprehensive battery management tool with some unique features beyond basic monitoring.

5. BatteryOne: Battery

BatteryOne is a detailed battery monitoring app. It dives deep into your phone’s battery health, tracking factors like voltage, temperature, wear, and charging speed. Analyze how usage and environment impact your battery life, even predicting its lifespan based on your unique habits. Think of it as a comprehensive battery doctor, offering insights and stats beyond just the basic percentage.

6. DevCheck Device & System Info

DevCheck is a comprehensive hardware and system monitor for your Android device. Dive deep into the technical details of your phone, from CPU and GPU specs to battery health and sensor data. It provides real-time monitoring of critical stats like memory usage and network performance, along with detailed information about your apps, camera, and even sensors. It’s like a technical toolbox for tech-savvy users curious about what powers their device.

7. Battery Widget

Battery Widget is a home screen widget for Android. It lets you monitor the battery levels of all your Bluetooth devices (phones, smartwatches, headphones) in real-time, right on your screen. Customize the widget’s size, layout, and colors to match your style, and say goodbye to battery anxiety! It’s an organizational tool!

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