By Jay / / Featured Games Tier List Guide for Best Weapons & Skills – Discover the ultimate tier list guide, where we unveil the top-ranking weapons and skills in the world of Whether you’re seeking the best weaponry or aiming to master the most effective skills, this guide has got you covered. But before we dive into the rankings, don’t forget to grab some valuable freebies like gems, design packs, and coins by redeeming codes. For even more insights, check out our Skills Guide. And stay tuned, as we’ll be adding newly-introduced survivors Cat Catnips and Tsukiyomi to the tier list following the January 15th update.

Update January 15 Tier List Guide for Best Weapons

Leading the pack is the Void Power, hailed as the current pinnacle of weaponry in Joining this powerhouse are The Lightchaser and the Kunai, forming an elite trio of combat tools. arms you with a diverse array of weapons, each graded as normal, good, better, or excellent. To take your arsenal to the next level, players can enhance their weapons by leveling up or merging them. Our Best Weapon Tier List breaks down these weapons into five tiers:

  • Sword of Disorder – S-Tier
  • Void Power – S-Tier
  • The Lightchaser – S-Tier
  • Kunai – A-Tier
  • Baseball Bat – A-Tier
  • Katana – B-Tier
  • Shotgun – C-Tier
  • Revolver – C-Tier

And that’s just the beginning. Dive deeper into our Best Weapon Tier List to equip yourself for success. Don’t forget to also check out our Skills Guide for an extra edge. Best EVO Skills

Venture into the realm of Evolution Skills (EVO) with our tier list for the cream of the crop. If you’re unfamiliar with these powerful EVO skills, our Skills Guide is your go-to resource. Here are some EVO skills that shine:

  • Destroyer – S-Tier
  • Divine Destroyer – S-Tier
  • Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell – S-Tier
  • Quantum Ball – S-Tier
  • Inferno Bomb – A-Tier
  • Fuel Barrel – A-Tier
  • Dumbbell/1 Ton Iron – A-Tier
  • Defender – A-Tier
  • Whistling Arrow – A-Tier
  • Sharkmaw Gun – B-Tier
  • Thunderbolt Bomb – B-Tier
  • Death Ray/Matrix – B-Tier
  • Caltrops – B-Tier
  • Magnetic Rebounder – B-Tier
  • Medi-Drone – C-Tier
  • Moonhalo Slash – C-Tier
  • Pressure Forcefield – C-Tier

Our Tier List Guide goes in-depth, revealing how to obtain these skills and maximize their potential. Best Normal Skills

For those seeking excellence in normal skills, our tier list is here to guide you. If you’re not yet acquainted with these normal skills, our comprehensive Skills Guide provides all the information you need. Ranked across four tiers:

  • A-Tier: Guardian, Molotov, Forcefield
  • B-Tier: Drill Shot, Soccer Ball, Durian
  • C-Tier: Lightning Emitter, RPG, Type A Drone, Type B Drone, Laser Launcher, Brick
  • D-Tier: Boomerang

These skills can be evolved through a 5-star upgrade process and by meeting specific supply skill requirements. Delve into our Skills Guide for a deeper understanding of skill evolution. With this Tier List Guide, you’ll become a formidable survivor in the game, armed with the knowledge to excel in both weaponry and skills. Dive in and conquer like never before!

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