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In Roblox Project New World, Devil Fruits are a powerful way to gain skills and abilities, as the game is based on One Piece. These fruits are crucial when engaging in battles against certain groups or individuals. However, acquiring these fruits can be challenging. Here is a little guide how to get Devil Fruits in Project New Worlds Roblox.

Devil Fruits come in different levels of rarity, each with its own set of unique powers. It’s worth noting that while the rarity of the fruit is related to the odds of obtaining it, lower rarity fruits can also be effective if used strategically. As such we will give you a little guide on How to get devil fruits in Project New World Roblox!

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Project New World Roblox Guide How to Get Devil Fruits?

In Project New World, Devil Fruits can be equipped and used to attack monsters and players. However, basic attacks cannot be performed while wearing them, so the player must switch to Combat or Weapon mode. There are three ways to obtain Devil Fruits in the game, here is how:

Under the Tree

  • If you’re just getting started, the best way to find a Devil Fruit is to look under the trees. New Devil Fruits will appear beneath different trees on the map of the game every hour, and you can just take them. You can alter the settings while in the game to see which server is generating the fruits.


  • Gacha is another way to get Devil Fruits. At the starting island close to the spawn point, there is a fruit vendor by a building. When you talk to the seller, you can spin a fruit for $125k Beli, 50 Gems, or Robux. The chance of getting a Legendary fruit is very low, while most of the fruits are Common or Uncommon.


The third way to acquire Devil Fruits is through the vendor’s shop, which stocks all sorts of fruits. At this store, you can either pay with Robux to unlock the fruits permanently or buy them with Beli when they are available. The shop is replenished every two hours, but it is unlikely that you will find Rare or Legendary fruits.

Overall, Devil Fruits are a great way to take your Roblox gaming experience to the next level. With the right strategies, you can use them to become the most powerful player in Project New World. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, find some Devil Fruits, and start dominating the game!

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What are Project New World?

Embark on an anime-inspired adventure in Roblox’s Project New World, where you’ll collect devil fruit, wield unique weapons, and tackle challenging quests. With a vast level cap and various seafaring vessels, players can spend countless hours exploring the game’s expansive world. Stay tuned for updated Project New World codes that offer bonus XP, free stat resets, and valuable spins – bookmark this page to stay in the loop on the latest rewards.

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