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Meet C00lkidd, a name that rings with notoriety in the world of Roblox. This player gained fame for creating the notorious “c00lgui” and founding the equally infamous “Team c00lkidd.” Let’s delve into five key facts about C00lkidd and their impact on the Roblox gaming community.

Who’s C00lkidd

C00lkidd Roblox 5 Facts

C00lkidd Roblox 5 Facts

C00lkidd is a player on the gaming platform Roblox who gained notoriety for their involvement in exploiting and trolling activities. They are particularly known for creating the “c00lgui” and being the founder of the infamous group “Team c00lkidd.”

C00lkidd and their group members engaged in disruptive actions within various Roblox games, impacting the experiences of other players.

Despite facing termination, the legacy of Team c00lkidd persisted, with ownership passing to other users such as Jonas, g00dbyc00lkidd, Wheels, and ADHDyoshi. The group experienced periods of inactivity but made a return in 2019, continuing their exploits within the Roblox community

C00lkidd Roblox 5 Facts

1. Infamous Roblox Exploiter

C00lkidd made a name for themselves as a skilled exploiter on Roblox. Their claim to fame was the creation of the “c00lgui,” showcasing their prowess in manipulating the game.

2. Founder of Team c00lkidd

As the owner of “Team c00lkidd,” C00lkidd led a group that became synonymous with trolling and exploiting in various Roblox games. The group’s activities left a lasting mark on the platform.

3. Quote Legacy

“Team c00lkidd join today!” —  this is one of the quotes that are still popular right now on Roblox. It served as a rallying cry, potentially attracting new members or inspiring imitators.

4. Impact on Roblox Games

C00lkidd and Team c00lkidd targeted popular games like Work at a Pizza Place and Natural Disaster Survival. Their exploits and trolling caused disruptions, frustrations, and diminished enjoyment for legitimate players.

5. Termination and Successor Groups

Despite C00lkidd’s eventual termination, the legacy of Team c00lkidd persisted. Ownership shifted to members like Jonas, g00dbyc00lkidd, Wheels, and ADHDyoshi. The group experienced phases of inactivity but made a comeback in 2019, continuing their exploiting activities.

The tale of C00lkidd unfolds as a story of a Roblox player who left an indelible mark on the platform. From creating exploits to founding an infamous group, C00lkidd’s impact on Roblox gaming history is a fascinating chapter worth exploring.

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