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Curious about the best units in Reversed Front Bonfire? Look no further! Our straightforward Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List breaks down the units from the top dogs to those who might need a bit more leveling up.

Reversed Front Bonfire is all about choosing sides in a real-world conflict or rebelling in a global communist struggle. With eye-catching visuals and simple yet deep battle mechanics, you’re in for a century-long march for freedom!

Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List

Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List

Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List: Before we dive in, remember that our tier rankings are based on our opinion. We’ve done our research, but hey, everyone’s got their own take. If you disagree with our rankings, let us know in the comments!

S-Tier (The Best): These are the powerhouse units that will lead you to victory on the front lines.

  • Watan
  • Xintian
  • Bo Yong

A-Tier (Great Alternatives): If you don’t have the S-Tier characters, these are solid choices that can hold their own in battle.

  • Henry
  • Viya
  • Ivan Choi
  • Khulan
  • Baatar
  • Senko
  • Silvia

B-Tier (Average): Decent units with some niche uses, perfect for early-game players aiming to level up.

  • Lok
  • Tsering Lhamo
  • Famkiong
  • Zhao Tong
  • Hairanju
  • Kueian
  • Aezan
  • Erkin

C-Tier (Below Average): These units have limited use and aren’t the strongest, but they might come in handy in specific situations.

  • Iskender
  • Dilyara
  • Tapioca
  • Puteri Tan
  • Moon Moon

D-Tier (Not Recommended): There’s no sugarcoating it; these units are not the best. You might want to look elsewhere.

  • (No units listed)

Navigating Reversed Front Bonfire is easier when you have the right units on your team. Whether you agree or disagree with our tier list, we hope this guide helps you make informed decisions in your journey towards victory!

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