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Roblox Secret Staycation All Food Guide! Embark on a culinary adventure in the world of Secret Staycation on Roblox, a physics-based platformer that demands precision and patience. Your mission? To track down every piece of food hidden around the apartment.

While some are a breeze to find, others will challenge your skills, especially on the balcony. This guide will help you locate each delectable item, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your gastronomic journey.

Secret Staycation All Food Guide

Secret Staycation Guide

  1. Plain Bread: Launch yourself at the bread inside the toaster on the counter.
  2. Potato: Find it in the boiling pot on the stove.
  3. Pumpkin: Spot it on top of the fridge.
  4. Egg: Located on the wooden shelf above the counter with plates and bowls.
  5. Caviar: Check the table next to the fridge, between two plant pots.
  6. Chocolate Donut: Inside the bowl on the dining table.
  7. Chocolate Chip Cookie: Tucked under one of the chairs beneath the dining table.
  8. Lychee: On the window pane next to the fridge.
  9. Strawberry: Rolled under the fridge.
  10. Pepperoni Pizza: Somehow ended up under the sofa.
  11. Mango: Behind the curtain covering part of the window to the balcony.
  12. French Bread: Between the wall and the drawers near the balcony.
  13. Tomato: In the middle of the TV shelving unit.
  14. Cherry Tomato: Behind the pile of paper and books on the bookshelf.
  15. Banana: On the stack of books acting as a pillar for the train track.
  16. Sugar Cube: Found in the second carriage on the train; wait for it to pass to jump in.
  17. Green Apple: At the top of the bookshelf; good luck climbing!
  18. Rice Ball: On the coffee table by the TV remote.
  19. Chili Pepper: On the right arm of the sofa.
  20. Salad Leaf: Inside the bin; have another player step on the pedal to open it.
  21. Watermelon: Atop the drawers; climbing is challenging for this one!
  22. Lemon: Inside the laundry basket.
  23. Candy Cane: Hooked on the ledge above the window.
  24. Cheese: In the rat’s lair (the hole in the wall); beware of the rat!
  25. Mushroom: In the rat’s tunnel, head outside to the balcony; find it on a swinging bench.
  26. Pancake: Also on the balcony, on the wooden flower bed (next to the watering can).

Now armed with the locations of all foods, dive into the world of Secret Staycation and savor the thrill of the hunt!


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